Thursday, August 16, 2018

Neon Pastel Marble

   So not that long ago I shared with you the Wild at Heart Collection from Sinful Colors. For those of you who missed that post, this collection consists of 6 neon matte polishes, an illuminating base coat, and a top coat. Why am I bringing this up? Today I'm sharing a nail art look with you that I created with this collection plus Acapella Ella.

     But before I show you the nails I should probably tell you how this look came about. Do any of you play around with the polish that collects on your workspace? I have a habit of watching Netflix while swatching and at times when I'm stumped for nail art ideas I just start grabbing random bottles from my desktop and playing around with them on my nail art mat. I test out color combos or sometimes just swatch it quick to see what the finish is like. This is actually how most of my fluid nail art looks and watermarbles come from. I  play around a bit until I come up with something I like.  That's exactly how today's look came about, I was stumped for ideas and decided to play around with the polishes on my desk.  It just so happens that the last collection I had reviewed was the Wild at Heart Collection.

     Remember that illuminating base coat I mentioned earlier, well I really should have used it as a base for this look. It would have made the colors really pop. I was smart enough to use it in my swatches, but not for this and I really wish I would have. 

     Just like my previous fluid nail art looks I created this by placing random drops of polish on my nail art mat in a small area. I liked the way the matte neons looked but wanted to lighten it up just a bit so I added Acapella Ella. Acapella Ella is a pale blue, almost white polish with a hint of sparkle. I feel the sparkle helps to tie it in with the other colors.

     Instead of picking the mat up and letting the colors run together I folded my mat in half horizontally and then vertically. This gave me a marbled and smooshed look which lets different colors stand out on each nail. I let it dry overnight and then peeled it off the mat and cut out the pieces that I wanted for my nails. I topped everything off with a glossy top coat.

     I know these fluid techniques take a lot of patience to create because of the long dry times but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite ones to do. What is your current favorite technique? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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