Monday, March 25, 2019

6:00 AM

Swatch and Review of Paint it Pretty Jelly glitters polishes

     Today I'm bringing you 4 polishes from Paint it Pretty that are currently available for purchase for $7.76 CAD. While these polishes all have pretty great names they also have 2 things in common, a bunch of fun glitters and a jelly finish. Now I know what you're thinking, jelly polishes tend to be on the sheer side but these are all surprisingly opaque. This is going to be a picture heavy post so let's jump right in.

Less Bitter, More Glitter

     Less Bitter, More Glitter is a blue jelly nail polish with purple shimmer, blue glitters and holographic micro flakes. 

     The Application was smooth and even. While being sheer on the first coat, full opacity can be reached after two coats. There is a nice even coverage of glitters in each coat. Because of the glitter, there is a slight texture when dry, it is minimal and a layer of topcoat will smooth it right out. Shown here as two coats plus glossy top coat. 

Sawdust is Man Glitter

     Sawdust is Man Glitter is a pink jelly nail polish with blue glitters, illusion flakes and a light purple shimmer. 

     The application was again smooth and even. The first coat went on sheer but not as sheer as Less Bitter, More Glitter. Two coats helped reach full opacity and even glitter coverage. Sawdust is Man Glitter seems to be less dense with the glitter but this leads to a smooth finish when dry. Shown here is two coats plus glossy topcoat. 

No Glitter, No Glamour

     No Glitter, No Glamour is a purple jelly nail polish with pink shimmer, magenta and blue glitters and holographic flakes. 

     The Application smooth and even but the sheerest of the collection on the first coat. Full opacity was reached after two coats and I got an even distribution of glitter on each nail. Once again because of all the glitter there is a slight texture once dry but a layer of topcoat gives a smooth finish. Shown here is two coats plus glossy top coat. 

Get Glittered

     Get Glittered is a blue jelly nail polish with orange, copper, and emerald glitters.

     The application is also smooth and even but a bit sheer on the first coat.  Like the rest of the collection, it builds up nicely to full opacity after two coats. While there is a ton of glitter in each coat you get a smooth finish once dry. Shown here is two coats plus glossy topcoat. 

     I told you this was going to be a picture heavy post! What did you think of these fun glitters? Was I right about the great names? Surprisingly my favorite of the four is Less Bitter, More Glitter and I'm not one who actually wears blue nail polish. No Glitter, No Glamour is my second favorite for its rich purple color, or maybe it's because the Mr's love of purple is rubbing off on me. Either way, I'm a fan and I hope you are too. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

Monday, March 4, 2019

6:00 AM

Swatch and Review of Paint it Pretty's March PPotM 2019 - Flakes of Dust

     Today I have for you an LE polish from Paint it Pretty called Flakes of Dust. This polish will be available for purchase from March 1st-30th for $9.52 CAD a bottle or about $12 US. 

   This beauty is a blue to purple to magenta shifting multichrome with crystal chameleon flakes in pink and aqua and red/gold /green with a jelly like consistency. 

    In my photos, I  used two thin coats on my pointer finger and 3 coats on the ret plus topcoat to help show off the opacity and layering ability of the polish. 

     The application was smooth with a ton of flakes each time I dipped the brush into the bottle. I've found that with flakie polishes it's best to use thin coats to really layer the polish, instead of using a medium to thick coat. The thin coat really allows for the flakies to shine through. 


     Flakes of Dusk is only available for a limited time so if you want a bottle for yourself don't delay, visit Paint it Pretty before the end of the month. And while you're there check out the amazing thermal polishes she has to offer. Or if you prefer to wait a week or two I'll have a review of 4 jelly/glitter polishes from Paint it Pretty that will be available starting on the 15th.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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