Friday, May 2, 2014

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BA STAR smokey eye pallet review

     *Press Sample*

     Today I have another opportunity from Brand Backer to share with you. This time around I have the Smokey Eye pallet from BA STAR.

      "BA STAR is the #1 Performance Makeup! Sing, Dance, Strut, Perform- Shine Like a Star! These affordable Palettes contain 5 High Pigment Eye Shadows + Eye Shadow Base for All Day Hold! Available in 2 color combinations: Midnight Smoky and Natural."
A pallet in Midnight Smoky

    This pallet contains several shades of grey from pale to almost black and one intense blue.


     On the back you can find the web address of some helpful videos on how to use this pallet to create different looks as well as make a purchase.

     I actually watched a few of the videos and tried to recreate one of the looks. I will show you how mine turned out a little bit farther into the post. First I want to show you the brush.

     I have never come across a makeup brush like this. It has these semi-rough nylon bristles. I had 3 loose bristles in mine that I pulled out with my fingers, and give it one more good tug to see if there were any more but the rest were nice and secure. I noticed in the videos that I watched that they weren't using this kind of brush, but felt that I should as part of my review.

     I liked the way this brush let me apply the eyeshadow exactly where I wanted it to go on my eye. I was finally able to get a nice ending "line" at the outer edges of my eye. Normally my eyeshadow seems to go lower than I want it to and I have to clean it up. The downfall of this brush is that stiffness irritates the delicate skin around my eye. You might notice in the next picture that the skin at the outer edge of my eye (right below my watermark) looks slightly red. This is also the picture where I show my attempt at recreating the look I saw in the video.

    Looking at it like this I would call it a success. The colors are placed where they should be. The eyeshadow is highly pigmented and blend well together. I have a nice shimmer highlighting my brow bone. As far as application goes I was very happy. But......

     When I opened my eye I noticed it looked more like I had a black eye than a smokey eye. The 2 darkest shades are way too dark for my skin tone. I kind of had a feeling they might be so I didn't even touch the darkest shade. And you'll notice that I only have one eye done. I couldn't stop laughing at myself long enough to do the other eye.

     I di, however,r try out another look to share with you because I was having fun with this pallet. I always thought I was getting to be too old to wear sparklyeyeshadoww, but these seemed different so I went for it. I noticed that I didn't have any shadow getting caught in my creases and that helped to no accentuate them like most sparkly things do.

     This time around I tried out the silver and blue shades, along with the pale white/beige along the brow bone. I even tried out adding a little shadow along my lower lashes. I've tried doing that once before and the shadow seemed to go under my lashes and "flake off" onto my cheek. Not this time. The shadow went where I wanted it and no where else.

     Because I wanted to feature the eye pallet I didn't add any other makeup except a little mascara and lipstick. I like this look and imagine I would love it had I done my full routine.

     Now normally I don't let my daughter wear make-up but we had a dress up day today since it's been raining for 3 days now and she wanted me to show you her look. I might be bias but I think she looks pretty darn cute.

     BA STAR products can be purchased at  you can also follow them on Face Book, IG and Pinterest.

*The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinion and photographs are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Brand Backer or BA STAR.*

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