Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Watermarble with Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection

     Now that the Thanksgiving dinners and Black Friday shopping hustle and bustle are over it's time to get back to my regular blogging. Until I start my Christmas posts that is. And while there is no snow on the ground and the sun has popped back out you could say I'm not exactly in the Christmas spirit yet. That's why today I'm bringing you a look that leans more towards an autumn feeling featuring the Bohemian Dreams Collection from Julie G

     The Bohemian Dreams collection consists of 6 polishes, all gorgeous muted creme shades. The colors are Aria, Eden, Faith, Harmony, Henna and, Karma. The collection was released this summer but I felt the colors lend themselves better towards fall especially with how dark they look in a watermarble.


     These polishes work perfectly for this technique. They spread beautifully and I was able to get 24 rings of polish before creating my design. I'm pretty sure that's a record for me! Also, I should mention that I only applied a layer of base coat, there are no undies for this look and I still have a very opaque design. The tiny bubbles you see were caused by my top coat. I was trying to use a bottle that has started to thicken up a bit and didn't notice the bubbles until it was time to photograph.

     In order to avoid the messy clean up that typically comes with doing a watermarble, I decided to try letting the design dry in my cup and then apply it like a decal.  This worked out pretty well for me. As you can see there are a few quirks I need to work out. Like the small wrinkles I have at the edges of my nails. But that will come in time just like when learning any other technique. 

     I also need to figure out a way to remove the design from the water without letting it fold inwards on itself. So if you have any tips for that I'd be appreciative. That's all I've got for you today. As always thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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