Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sinful Colors - Radical Mattes Collection

   I recently stumbled upon a new collection from Sinful Colors at my local Walgreens and of course, had to snatch it right up. I then went home to look up the new collection on their website. What did I find? Absolutely nothing, there is no mention of this new Radical Mattes Collection on their website or social media channels. Huh, I wonder if my store put them out too early? Lucky me I guess! 

    Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and assume that this is their Back to School collection for 2018 and will update the post if I find out otherwise. This collection consists of 7 matte finish cremes and a matte top coat. Now I have to say that in my opinion, this isn't a matte collection, especially compared to the Wild at Heart collection from the summer.  The Wild at Heart Collection dried to what I consider a true matte finish while this new collection dries to a rubbery semi-matte finish. In fact, the finish on these reminds me of the Full Throttle collection from 2014.  Even the matte top coat dries a bit more rubbery than a traditional matte finish but is closer than the polishes in this collection. 

     All polishes are shown as 2 coats plus the Sinful Colors matte top coat and photographed in my lightbox using daylight light bulbs. 


Rusty orange colored nail polish with a matte finish

     Color: A rusty orange creme nail polish with a semi-matte finish

     Application: The formula on this is a bit thicker than I'm used to but still easy to work with. Because of the thicker formula, the polish is very opaque but wanted to apply a bit streaky but not enough to leave bare spots on the nail. So it was almost more like ridges then steaks. Thankfully this polish self-levels so you are left with a smooth finish. 

     I think this is an interesting color, it's not one that I would typically reach for and I'm not 100% sure I will actually wear it again. The opacity makes me wonder if it would work well for stamping, and the thickness makes me question if it would watermarble. 


Dusty lavender colored nail polish with a matte finish

    Color: A dusty lavender creme nail polish with a semi-matte finish.

     Application: The formula for Defiant is an exact copy to that of Brave. The polish is thicker but easy to work with, again I had issues with the ridge/streaks, and the polish self-levels. The is a beautiful opacity to this that makes me want to try and stamp with it. 

     I find that I actually like this color. I would easily wear it again and use it as a base for nail art. Like I mentioned that high opacity makes me want to try stamping with it, I can see it working for those images with intricate designs to them. Sadly my macro shot made this polish lean more to the blue side, but I assure you it looks just like my full hand images. 


Dark berry pink colored nail polish with a matte finish

     Color: A dark berry pink creme nail polish with a semi-matte finish.

     Application: Fearless has the highest opacity of this collection and could be considered a one coater. I found that I didn't have the issue of steaks/ridges during application with this one which was a pleasant surprise. I didn't wear this one for long but did find that it wanted to stain my skin during removal so I would highly recommend a good base coat when wearing this. Thankfully I was able to avoid any stains on my nails. 

     I am a sucker for pink nail polish and this one is a must have for me for fall. It also makes me a bit nostalgic for my high school years because I used to have scented candles all over my room that were almost this exact color. Anyone else? 

Rebel Yell

Bright red colored nail polish with a matte finish

     Color: Bright red creme nail polish with a semi-matte finish. This one actually looked a little less like a traditional red when I was wearing it, almost like it had a berry tone to it. (think strawberries) My camera makes it lean a bit more true red than what my eyes saw. 

     Application: Another highly pigments polish with nice opacity. If I had to guess I'd say this one will be a stainer also so make sure to use a good base coat. The formula on this one is again thicker and wanted to apply with those same pesky streaks/ridges. Again this polish self-levels so a smooth, even finish is not a problem

     Red nail polish is a classic for me, and I do like this color. I found myself wanting to add nail art to it rather than wear it alone though. I think if I'd added a glossy top coat I would easily wear this one alone.


Leather brown colored nail polish with a matte finish

     Color: Brown leather creme nail polish with a semi-matte finish.

     Application: This polish has the thinnest formula of the collection. I did have issues with traditional streaks and this polish does not self-level. A second coat evens everything out and gives full opacity.

     Honestly, this is not a color for me. It's too dark for my taste when it comes to plain polish. I am going to keep it though because I have a feeling ti will come in handy for nail art or could look nice with a topper.        


Sky blue colored nail polish with a matte finish

     Color: A sky bly creme nail polish with a semi-matte finish.

     Application: Another highly pigmented polish with a great opacity. This one applied without streaks and gave even coverage. Like all blue polishes, I'm leery of staining so make sure to use a good base coat. 

     I think this color belongs with the other colors in this collection and it is a nice blue, but not one that's really for me. At least not on its own. Maybe as an accent nail, under a topper or used in nail art, but not alone. I do like how opaque it is which will come in handy if I try to stamp with it.

Rise Up

Pale blue colored nail polish with a matte finish

     Color: A pale blue creme polish with a semi-matte finish. I'd call this "It's a Boy Blue"

     Application: The formula on this one was a bit like Renegade but not quite as thin. I did have an issue with streaking and the polish not wanting to self-level but it wasn't too bad. Just a few streaks here and there. Application of a second coat evens everything out for a smooth finish.

    I feel like this color is the odd one out for the collection. All the others have a nice rich tone to them and then this one is a pastel. I do like this blue a bit better than Roar but again I'm not sure if I would wear it alone. 

    Overall I like the potential for versatility this collection has with the highly pigmented colors and am anxious to see how they will work for stamping. The colors do have an Autumnal feeling to them for me with the exception of Rise Up. Are they colors I will wear again? That's about 50/50. 

     If you're looking for this collection I have heard it's starting to pop up in stores around the U.S. Hopefully Sinful Colors will have some information on it up on their site soon and it will be available nationwide. I know I'm getting kind of tired of searching all over for the latest collections, driving up to an hour away because someone spotted it on shelves in another town. 

     Sinful Colors if you're reading this please stop picking and choosing which stores/markets get the collections and have them be available to those of us who want to purchase them. I know the 5 stores within 30 minutes of my home never received The Indie Sol or Boho Beat collections this spring. Don't you want my money?

     Ok, I'm done with my little rant. I hope you enjoyed today's post. Let me know what your favorite color from this collection is in the comments and as always, Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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