Monday, November 18, 2013

What's in a finish ?- Suede and Satin

     Today on the blog I take a closer look at the Suede and Satin finishes.

     First up is Suede, often mistaken for a matte finish polish, the suede finish is it's newer hipper cousin. The one characteristic that sets a suede finish apart from the Matte is a slight shimmer to the polish without a shine.

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     Generally, the suede finish requires less maintenance than a matte because it is slightly more durable. I would still add a matte finish top coat for added durability. What people tend to like most about the suede finish is that it gives a smooth, luxurious look.

     Some people will also call this a Satin finish but satin is yet another polish finish to add to the list. Finding a happy medium between a Matte and Suede finish the satin look has a slight shine but no shimmer. If looking quickly it is easy to get these two mixed up or think they are the same finish.

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     As you can see the Satin finish has an almost waxy look. Over the last year, I have noticed this finish gaining popularity and a few polish makers have started offering a "wax" top coat that will give any polish this look.

     Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out my previous posts in this series where I break down the characteristics of a creme, matte, and shimmer finish. Happy Polishing!

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