Monday, September 18, 2017

6:00 AM

Beauty Big Bang Chameleon Flake Powder

   Good morning everyone, looks who's back to blogging after an unscheduled blogging break. I guess going back to work after having the summer off was more hectic than I was expecting! It seems like lately, I'm about 3 hours short in my day to get everything done. But I'm hoping that now 2 weeks into our new schedule things have calmed down enough and I can get back to posting regularly. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Anyway, I decided that my first post back needed to be a good one and the Chameleon Flake Powder from Beauty Big Bang is just the ticket! 

     The Chameleon Flake Powders are available in 12 color options. The one I'm sharing today is J2443-4a on the website, a fierce combination of yellow, orange, green and red that reminds me of the changing leaves of fall. 

    Most of us know that the pigments and powders apply best with gel polish but I don't own any gel polishes so I got to do some experiments for this post. I will be showing you 2 different application options that worked for me. 

      For the first option, I started with a layer of Pure Ice Black Rage as my base color and added a layer of Orly Bonder Basecoat over it. Once the bonder dried to a sticky finish I patted the flakes on the entire nail with the eyeshadow applicator that came with the flakes. 

      I finished everything off with another layer of Orly Bonder and then a layer of Pure Ice Girl on the Run top coat. 

     Now to the naked eye, the flakes looked much smoother than my camera shows but to be honest they looked the best before I layered anything over them. And obviously, I got a little overzealous when taking my photos and smudged my pinky nail. 

     While I like the way this turned out I knew that I could do better and get a smoother finish. I've heard that people have had success using the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat and the mirror pigments and I wondered if it would work with these.

     I started out the same way with Pure Ice Black Rage as my base color and applied the Miracle Gel top coat. I waited a few minutes for it to dry and applied the flakes with a wide nail art brush instead of the eyeshadow applicator. I also used the Miracle Gel top coat over the flakes to see if the finish would be smoother.

      This resulted in less coverage with the flakes but a more pleasing look in my opinion. What do you think? 

     I'm not sure if it was the top coat or the way it was applied that led to less coverage but if I had to guess I would say it was the top coat. If I had to guess I would say it was the top coat. When I used the Orly Bonder the flakes seemed to stick to my nail instantly rather than having to be buffed in like when I used the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat.

     The Chameleon Flake Powders can be purchased at for $2.99 each but you can save 10% by using my code LUSTROUS at checkout. I know after playing around with these I'll be picking up a few other colors. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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