Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sydney's Style - Baseball nail art

     It's time once again for Sydney to take over the blog. This time around she's chosen to do a baseball themed nail art. Now I have to admit even though I play softball and have for years, we are not a huge baseball family. Recently we've gotten into watching our local team, it's small town ball at it's finest. No admission to the games, neighbors gathered together to cheer on the local boys, and a hat passed for donations to keep the traditions going. Maybe that's where she got the idea from but not her color scheme. Our team wears black and orange while Sydney went with red and white.

    Her look was completed by alternating Sinful Colors polishes in Ruby Ruby and White Board across all 10 of her nails. Notice how she didn't go with the same colors on the corresponding fingers? That's because she wanted to shake things up. I love it when she explains her manicures to me. 

     Speaking of shaking things up, another difference you'll notice is that she added her accent nails to her thumbs instead of the ring finger. To create her lines she used nail stripers in red glitter and a plain white. I am a very proud mama when looking at those lines, they came out so well. She definitely has a steadier hand than I do! 

I know I'm biased but I love her little manicures and spending time with her in my nail room. Watching her pick out her colors and chatting about her day while she puts it all together is precious time I will cherish. I know these special times are limited as she gets older and I love that I can share a bit of them with you. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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