Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Untried A-Z Challenge - Letter Q

    Back to school season is in full swing at my house. I'm back to work, training for the new school year and picking up those last minute items my kids will need for the start of theirs. But that doesn't mean blogging get to take a back burner so I'm back today with the next letter in the Untried A- Z challenge. 

    It's not easy finding a brand name or polish name starting with the letter Q but I managed to find one to share with you today from my untried pile. Queen of Beauty from SinfulColors. 

     Sinful Colors is known for releasing limited edition glitter toppers for seasonal collections, but they are also known for re-releasing those toppers a year or two later for another seasonal collection. That just happens to be the case with the topper I'm sharing today so if you like it, keep your eyes open, it should be on shelves again. For the polish I'm sharing today I used a base of Black on Black which gave me full coverage with one coat. 

     First up is Queen of Beauty. A clear based polish with mini silver hex glitter. Now while I can't remember the original collection this was released in, I do know it originally came out in 2015 but popped back up last year for a St. Patricks Day collection. 

    I was pleasantly surprised at the formula, I expected the need to sponge on the second layer in order to get good glitter coverage but that was not the case. In just one coat I was able to get a generous amount of glitter on the nail. There were no issues with the glitter wanting to slide to the tip of my nail and every single one lays completely flat. This polish also dries without a hint of texture from the glitter. Shown here as 1 coat over black and a glossy top coat. 

    My overall thoughts are that I really like this polish for formula and ease of application. I like that the silver glitter is a true silver and would look great over a variety of colors. Using this in a full mani might be overkill unless some stamping or hand-painted nail art was layered over it. It also has the potential as an accent nail, especially for those holiday manicure we all love to create. 

    What are your thoughts on glitter toppers? Are they still on trend or have they seen their day? There's still plenty of time to join in the untried A-Z Challenge for the letter Q or join us in two weeks for letter R week. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


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