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Sinful Colors - Wild at Heart Collection

     We are smack dab in the middle of summer, the days are long, the temps are high and the nail polish is getting brighter. What a perfect time to share with you the new Wild at Heart Collection from Sinful Colors for summer 2018. This 8  piece collection contains an illuminating base coat, a top coat, and 6 bright neon colors.  This collection was announced on 6/26 and has been spotted in a few Walgreens stores throughout the US.

   "Let your heart run WILD this summer with luscious neon colors that sizzle with exotic jungle heat!" - Sinful colors IG acct

     Before I get into the swatches I should tell you that I used one coat of the illuminating base coat (White on Time LE) in these photos. I would strongly suggest picking it up if you're interested in the collection. Trust me, on this one. 

     I've chosen to show each polish as 2 coats with both a matte and glossy top coat. 90% of the photos were taken outside in direct sunlight with the exception of when color accuracy prevented it. I will make a note on the photos that were taken indoors for full transparency. 

     I should also mention that I swatched these polishes outside when the humidity was high. (My kids wanted to swim in our pool and I needed to be where I could see them and I wanted to get this post up right away) This caused a few bubbles in my top coat that look like lumps in the polish. I assure you that these lumps are purely due to my swatching condition and that the polish will lay smooth on your nail. 

Safari Not Sorry

Bright bubblegum pink neon nail polish with blue shimmer in a matte finish

Wild at heart collection summer 2018

     Color: Bright bubblegum pink with a hint of blue shimmer. 

     Application: The formula has a nice consistency but like most neons, the first coat applies with some streaks and was a bit sheer. I found that the more I played around with the polish the more issues I had with streaking and the polish began to pull away at the cuticles. The second coat built up to full opacity and a smooth finish. Safari dries very quickly to a matte finish

     Sadly the shimmer seems to disappear when matte but as you can see the glossy top coat helps to bring it out. I do love a bright pink polish, and this one is no exception. 

Bird of Paradise

Eye searing neon pink nail polish with peach shimmer in a matte finish

Wild at Heart Collection summer 2018

     Color: Light neon pink polish with peach shimmer. This one is eye-searingly bright!

     Application: A bit sheer and streaky on the first coat. Again I found that the more strokes I did with the brush the worse the streaks became. Two coats leave a smooth opaque finish.  Because of all the shimmer in this, I'd say it dries to more of a demi-matte finish than a true matte. 

     The peach shimmer in this gives it an almost duo-chrome like appearance on the nail. That effect is particularly evident with the addition of a glossy top coat and direct light. I loved wearing this on my nails and have decided it will be my next pedi color.

Off Tropic

Creamsicle orange neon nail polish with yellow gold shimmer from the Wild at Heat Collection

Wild at Heart Collection from Sinful Colors

     Color: Creamsicle orange nail polish with yellow gold shimmer.  

     Application: The formula for this was a nice consistency which leads to less streaking than the rest of the collection. I did have a few issues with dragging at my cuticles when I did multiple strokes with the brush. While the polish is still a bit on the sheer side it layers beautifully for full opacity after 2 coats.  In order to capture this one accurately on film, these photos were taken indoors with nondirect lighting.

     The shimmer in this one really glows. Id direct sunlight it shines like a light bulb. Which looked spectacular but was very hard to photograph. You can see a glimpse of that shimmer in the bottle on a few of my shots.  And just because I can here is a bonus shot showing you what I mean.

Palm Down

Grass green neon nail polish with bright green shimmer.

Wild at Heart summer neon collection from Sinful Colors

     Color: Grass green nail polish with bright green shimmer. 

     Application: Almost the sheerest of the collection this color gave me quite a few problems when it came to streaking. The first coat looked quite blotchy but Palm Down builds up nicely to full opacity after two coats.  This one dries to a demi-matte finish and shoes off the shimmer nicely in both the matte and glossy version. 

     I love this shade of green. It's just fun to wear, it's lively and fun. Even with the iffy formula, I can see myself wearing it again on its own or as a base for nail art. 

Poison Arrow

Sky blue neon nail polish with opalescent shimmer

Wild at Heart summer neons collection

     Color: Sky blue neon nail polish with opalescent shimmer. 

     Application: The most opaque formula of the collection, Poison Arrow has smooth even coverage. In fact, it was so opaque and smooth I almost stopped after one coat. (Thanks to the illuminating base coat) Unfortunately, this is also the one polish from the collection that suffers the most from brushstrokes. If you want to avoid these check out the tip I shared in my review of the Orly Pastel City Collection. Poison Arrow dries quickly to a demi-matte finish.

    This really is a pretty blue. It's a bit bright for me to wear on its own but I can see myself using it for gradients or a base for something else. I like how the shimmer in this looks silver or golden depending on the lighting. 

Amazon Woman

Byzantine purple neon nail polish with magenta shimmer

Wild at Heart summer neons collection

     Color: Byzantine nail polish with Magenta shimmer. The color Byzantine is described as a rich tone of medium purple toned toward magenta according to Wikipedia

    Application: This polish had the thinnest formula of the collection, it was extremely sheer on the first coat and was prone to streaking. It does dry quickly but patchy on the first coat. Thankfully like the rest of the collection, I was able to get full opacity after two coats. There are a few brushstrokes visible once this polish dries to a true matte finish. 

     This is another fun color to wear on either your fingers or toes. It looks great in both the glossy and matte version and I can see myself wearing it alone or in nail art. The formula was not enough to turn me off this color but I can see how it would do that for others. 

    My overall thoughts on this collection are that I love the colors. They are fun, bright and vibrant. I like them both glossy and matte. I honestly can't pick a favorite but I'm leaning towards Palm Down and Bird of Paradise.  I will say that if you're used to applying polish in thin coats you will hate this collection.  The streaking and unevenness will drive you bonkers. I found that these work best when applied with normal to medium coats and a white base is imperative. I was really impressed with the Illuminating base coat but I'm sure any white polish would work. 
     As for the top coat that comes along with this collection, I'm not sure that it is anything special and since I have a ton of topcoats I skipped picking it up. I later heard speculation that it might be a black light reactive top coat since it has a purple tint to it so I may end up heading back to the store to get it. I haven't fully decided on that yet. If you know anything about it, please drop me a comment letting me know. 

     Id love to hear your thoughts on this collection, do you like the colors, what do you think of the formulas, do you like the glossy or matte version better? I know this was a long post and I thank you for sticking with me until the end. Be sure to stop back next Tuesday for letter N week in the Untried A-Z challenge, Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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