Thursday, August 23, 2018

Loose Glitter accent with Glittertastrophe

     With summer vacation coming to an end I've found myself leaning more towards the darker, muted shades of fall. Don't worry I haven't put away all my fun bright colors I've just tucked them away for today to bring you Aubrey from Zoya with a fun glitter accent nail thrown in.

    This is actually the manicure I wore when I went on a paranormal investigation at the beginning of the month. I've been a big fan of the paranormal tv shows for a long time but they can come off as pretty fake and I've always been open to the possibility that ghosts and spirits exist so when a co-worker invited me to go along with them two years ago I jumped at the chance. I want to have one of those experiences where you know 100% it was real, where you can't debunk it as a building shifting, or bugs caught in the camera flash. Here's a photo I tool overlooking the gymnasium at the old school we just investigated. Did I catch orbs on film? 

 I have gone on 4 overnight investigations in the last two years and we are already making plans for our next one, which I am excited for. You could say I'm just as hooked on doing these investigations as I am on nail polish.  But you are here for the polish so let's get back to that. 

      I think Zoya Aubrey was a great color to highlight the brown tones in the glitter while also adding a little hint of color. Not to mention the fact that these types of colors have been calling my name since mid-July. The formula was great just like I've come to expect from Zoya.

     My accent nail is done in a loose glitter mix from Glittertastrophe called But First Coffee. A blend of cream, mocha, browns, and espresso glitters in a range of sizes from large hex to extra fine glitter. 

     The application was extremely easy. I painted on a layer of Orly Bonder and once it dried to a tacky consistency I simply dipped my finger into the glitter pot. I repeated this process twice to get complete coverage. While this way worked out beautifully I think the next time I will use an eye-shadow applicator to dab it onto my nail. 

   Because I ended up with so much glitter on my nail there was a ton of texture that even two thick layers of top coat couldn't smooth out. That's another reason I think I'll go with the applicator method the next time. But I am open to any tips or tricks you might have for applying loose glitter. 

    If you are a fan of loose glitter I highly suggest checking out Glittertastrophe. The prices are extremely reasonable and the shipping was extremely quick. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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