Thursday, January 15, 2015

MoYou London - The Pro Collection (Press Release)

    I'm interrupting Parallax Polish week to bring you the latest news from MoYou London. This Friday a new plate will be available from the Pro Collection. Check out the details below and let me know what you think.

It's Almost Friday! 

Joan the Pro came up with a new plate for you! 

We know it's only one plate, but this is the silence before the storm. 
Next week prepare yourself for something out of this world! 
The new site, exclusive video interviews with our girls, a new collection and a few more surprises. 

This plate will be released this Friday the 16th of January.
Have a great day! 
The MoYou-London Team 

     This is my first introduction to the Pro collection and I have to say I like what I'm seeing! That tiger Lily image with the stripes in the lower left corner has my creative juices flowing and the Bee image is too cute.

     MoYou Plates  and products can be purchased at their Shop . As mentioned above this plate will be available Friday, Jan 16th. Plates are L4.99 each or about $8 U.S.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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