Monday, December 2, 2013

What's in a finish? - Glass Fleck

    Hello everyone. Today on the what's in a finish series I have the Glass Fleck finish. A glass fleck polish has small particles of glitter often mixed in a jelly base. The small particles give the illusion of pieces of glass floating in the polish.

     A flakie top coat is an example of a larger particle glass fleck finish. Although it is not the only type of polish to be classified as a glass fleck.

     Glass fleck polishes have a very smooth finish with lots of sparkles. Usually, sheer, they can have a duo-chrome, a multi-chrome or iridescent look. 

China Glaze 108 degrees
China Glaze 108 degrees from the Island Escape collection summer 2011
     I have heard quite a few bloggers describe a glass fleck polish as having an almost 3D look to them and I would say I have to agree. The particles seem to be suspended in the polish as if they were frozen in time.

     Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. Be sure to check out past posts in this series. Happy Polishing!


  1. Hi there!

    You asked/hoped for sidebar critique on WPNFF. Before I give you that, I have to comment on the first thing I noticed...
    - Your blog name and the navigation bar above are a bit jarring! The bright, crayola-crayon red is eyeball searing against the grey. Now, I *love* your color scheme otherwise. The grey with a pop of red is totally doable. My suggestion:
    - Consider going with a deeper red (maroon, burgundy...) for your blog name and navigation bar links. Basically a deeper version of what you're using for links right now.
    - Then, make the background for your navigation bar a lighter grey. I'd suggest the same color as you're using for your blog background. That will make those links "flow" into your design.

    Now, what you wanted: The Sidebar!!
    - Make your Widget labels/titles bigger. Things like "About Me", "Followers", "Blog Archive" need to pop! Just make your font bigger on those. =)
    - Center align them! This makes a world of difference. Check out my blog for how I'm implementing it. Here is a tutorial on how to get the titles centered:
    And then get whatever content you can centered:

    - Down at the bottom of your sidebar you have various badges, which look to be square images, but they are all different sizes. Get these to be a uniform size by going into your HTML and adjusting the img src tag. I'm going to use my "grab my button code" as an example:
    (Can't post actual HTML - each { } set would be < >)
    {a href=""} {img src="" HEIGHT="150" WIDTH="150" /}{/a}

    See the height and width values after the image URLs? You can add those in and adjust the # of pixels to your choosing. Pick something that fits into your sidebar, and perhaps set those buttons up in a grid style!
    I really hope this helps! If you need more help try searching the web for tutorials or get ahold of me. ^-^

    1. Thank you! I have played around with the red color quite a bit on my blog and cant seem to get it just right. I agree that it's a bit jaring. I never thought to senter the titles of my widgets so thats a great suggestion. I'll have to play around a bit on ym day off and see if I can get things to be the same size. Thanks for your help!

    2. You're welcome, and I love what you just did with your header! ;D I swear reds and pinks are the hardest thing to get looking right on websites, haha. Have fun tweaking your layout. =)

    3. Thanks! I was able to get a few things worked on before heading in to work today. I have some stubborn images that just dont want to center for me....yet. Now I have to google how to make the widget titles bigger. Your sugestions have been very very helpful. I think its starting to look better already.


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