Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Vinegar and Listerine Foot Bath Test

     I'm sure by now most of you have seen the pin on Pinterest about soaking your feet in vinegar and Listerine. If you haven't come across this gem yet you can view it here. I was talking with one of the girls at my local nail salon about this and she wrinkled up her nose and said she didn't think it would work. So I decided to give it a try. Don't worry I'll be keeping the feet photos tasteful and to a minimum. By the way, did you know it's kind of difficult taking photos of your own heels...

Photo of my heel before soaking
     To make sure I had enough liquid to cover my foot I used a mixture of 4 cups warm water, 1 cup vinegar and, 1 cup Listerine. Then according to the directions, I soaked for 10 minutes. My daughter wanted to help me out with this little experiment and had to soak her feet too. She said the Listerine in the water tickled her feet and giggled the entire time. <3


     I have to say this isn't the miracle Pinterest makes it out to be but it did help. After drying my feet off and waiting 15 minutes to make sure my feet were completely dry this was the result...

Photo was taken after soaking and dry time
     The soak didn't remove everything but it did a pretty decent job. I have a feeling if Id used my pumice stone while soaking all the dead skin would have been removed. Or maybe even soaking for a little longer would have done the trick.  And here's a shot of the before and after for an easier comparison of the results.

      What do you think? Is this something you've tried yourself or are going to try now? Have you had good results with a different kind of foot soak?

     By the way, I feel I should tell you I do have 5 toes, my little one just decided to be camera shy today and I didn't notice it until I started putting this post together.

     As always thanks for stopping by. Id love to hear your thoughts about this. Please feel free to leave me a comment and Happy Polishing!


  1. Looks like it worked somewhat for you. That's great to see. Never tried this foot bath but it looks promising that I might try it sometime if I need one.

  2. It worked better than I thought it would that's for sure. Ive actually done this soak 4 times now since I original did it and it seems to be helping. My feet need all the help they can get this time of year. The cold weather is pretty hard on them.

  3. I tried this and it didn't work too well for me. I must have some really F'd up feet or something!

    1. The very first time I tried it I didn't get very good results. But I was only able to soak my feet for maybe 5 minutes and I used a smaller container that didn't really let the liquid cover my foot. This time I made sure my foot was covered and waited the full 10 minutes. It worked a lot better this time. I also used the blue Listerine for the 2nd attempt like the pin recommended. Not sure if the color of Listerine made a difference or not though. I hope if you give it another shot it works better for you. =)

  4. I've not heard of this for dry skin, but I have read about it as a treatment for Athlete's Foot.

    1. To be honest I had never heard of it for dry skin either. Then I came across the pin on pinterest and decided I had to give it a try. The cold winters here are horrible for my skin and that includes my feet. Im always onthe look out for quick, easy and inexpensive ways to combat it. This seemed to work well enough that I will continue to use this technique.


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