Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Leadlight Floral Accent Manicure

     It's been a rough few years for my blog. I started out with the intention of focusing solely on nail art, then got caught up in the swatching game trying to gain some popularity with readers and hoping it would lead to opportunities to work with different brands. I've lost my focus and motivation on more occasions than I'd like to admit while attempting every new trick I read about making money from blogging. And after 5 years of the ups and downs, I've realized that I just want to do this for me. It's my escape from the everyday stresses of life and I need to keep it that way. So as I mentioned in my Gold polish stamping comparison post I'm taking a step back from the heavy posting schedule that I can no longer maintain. But what I didn't mention is that I'm going to focus more on what I started out trying to do and that's to post more nail art. I'll still have nail polish swatches and reviews for those of you who enjoy reading them because I like doing them. They just won't be the main focus of my blog anymore. So with that in mind let's jump right into today's nail art look. 

      It's been awhile since I've done a leadlight manicure and while this isn't exactly a seasonally appropriate look I knew it's what I wanted the minute I put on Native War Paint's I'm a VIP!. Plus I've never really been one to let the seasons dictate what I wear on my nails. 

     I'm a VIP! was one of the polishes I received in my VIP bag from Polishcon Chicago this year. It's a gorgeous aqua blue with iridescent shimmer. Looking at it on my nails it brought to mind the image of a beautiful sunset reflecting off of tropical waters in some exotic location. Especially when I'd get flashes of pink and purple mixed with gold. Oh, what I'd give to be at the tropical location right now since the temps here have been just above freezing lately and the snow could start falling at any time.

     For my accent nail, I stamped an image from plate UR Beautiful 10 using Hit the Bottle Snowed In. I guess maybe my manicure is seasonally appropriate after all considering they are predicting a ton of snowfall in my area this year. Let's hope I'm not foreshadowing my future here and won't end up actually snowed in! It has happened to me in the past. 

      I filled my floral image in with some homemade jelly polishes that I purchased from Heidi Halpern Kay who is an admin of the Leadlighting/reverse Stamping group I'm in on Facebook. Here are her words on how to get your own if interested. 
I do not have a website or store front. I can be reached through Facebook (Heidi Susan Halpern Kay) or by email heidi@kayconcepts.com. I admin the Leadlighting and Reverse/Advanced Stamping Nail Art Group. Prices are $2.50 each plus exact shipping. Minimum order is 12 -- you can hand pick any of 40 plus colors and I make them to order in under a week.

     I do know that she's had some things come up lately in her personal life and the holidays are approaching so the lead time is probably extended right now. The colors have no names but she has a picture of what is available if you're interested. A set of 12 polishes should cost you approximately $36.10 shipped.

    And just like my previous post, I'm including a bonus shot to help show off the entire look. This one has less reflection on it so the details aren't hidden. And was also taken outside so you can see what I'm a VIP! looks like in natural sunlight.

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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