Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Howling Boutique's Supermoon Lacquer Collection List

     My goal is to have a comprehensive list of every collection Supermoon Lacquer has released over the years. This will be an ongoing post as I research previous collections and new collections are released. If you know of a collection I'm missing or see an error please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail. 

Ready to Launch Collection
 Cosmic Dust
 Galactic Halo
 Mystic Mountain
 Pistol Star
 Polar Light
 Rosette Nebula
 Star Cloud
 Stellar Stream
 Tidal Disruption

I Am Cannibal Collection
 And You’ll Be A Goner
 Boys For Breakfast (And Lunch)
 Carnivore Animal
 I Warned You
 Now I’m Gonna Eat You, Fool!
 The Hunger
 The Kinda Guy I’d Stalk In School
 You Better Run

The Chosen Collection
Crossroad Blues
Fight Your Demons
Green Goddess
Knight’s Strength
Luck of the Draw
The Apple of Eve’s Eye
The Lone Heir

Limited Editions
It’s Taryn Up My Heart (Spring 2016)
Triangulum (Black Friday 2016)

Group Customs
Wolf Rayet (Spring 2016)

Collaboration Colors
Autumnatic Shift (Fallstivities Box – Fall 2016)

Limited Edition Small Batches Vol. 1
Alpha Lupi
Beta Lupi
Gamma Lupi
Delta Lupi
Epsilon Lupi
Zeta Lupi
Eta Lupi
Theta Lupi

Sailor Guardians Collection
Aqua Rhapsody
Dead Scream
Flame Sniper
Love and Beauty Shock
Oak Evolution
Rainbow Moon Heartache
Silence Glaive Surprise
Space Sword Blaster
Submarine Reflection
Twinkle Yell

Polish Pickup
A Boy’s Best Friend (August 2017)
Purple Ghost (September 2017)
The Hound of Hades (October 2017)
You Down With MLP? (November 2017)
Party Monarch (December 2017)

Collaboration Colors
No $h!t, Sherlock (Anonamaker Box – Spring 2017)
Texas Treasures (The Color Box – Spring 2017)
Kveldulf (Super Duo: Werewolf Edition – Fall 2017)

Black Friday Mystery Polish

Flare Star


Polish Pickup
Moon Crystal Power (January 2018)
Which Tastes Sweeter (Feburary 2018)
I Would Walk 417 Miles (March 2018)
Heavenly Bodies of Light (April 2018)

Group Customs
Protostar (Black Hearted Beauty Group)

Collaboration Colors

Orion's Sword (Seasonal Indie Box Winter)

Anchor & Moon NSYNC Edition
A little More Time on You (A&H)
Drive Myself Crazy (A&H)
I Want You Back
You Got It

#Sorrynotsorry Collection
And Baby, I'm the Baddest
Bright as Technicolor
Out Here Lookin' Like Revenge
Second Chance You'll Never Get
Such a Bitter Pill

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