Friday, May 15, 2015

Hobby Polish Bloggers Presents: May Flowers

     On Monday I showed you my failed attempt at making my own decal and the feedback and suggestions I got was so great that I decided to try it again. I figured the Hobby Polish Bloggers May link up would be the perfect time since the theme is May Flowers.

     Now this is not my original idea but I loved the look and knew I needed to try it myself. The original manicure was done by  Nailartstampingmania. <----( click here for the original post.)  Here is my version.


     I started with a base of Milani White on the Spot and while that dried I started on the decals. This was a long slow process for me as I had to make each decal one at a time. I only have one stamper that I like using at the moment. Good thing I was binge watching episodes of Heros on Netflix to pass the time. I love Netflix by the way, I get to watch all the shows I missed the first time around.

To create my decal I used:
Winstonia plate W-04 
 Zoya Black Swan
Parallox Polish April Holo from the April Subscription box 
 Zoya Penny
Sally Hansen Double Duty base/top coat
Small dotting tool

     As you might remember from my previous post I had a lot of trouble with the decal being stiff and hard to work with. I also had issues with it wanting to stay on the nail. That was because I used Seche Vite on the decal. A quick Dry top coat is what you want in most instances when it comes to nail art but not when making decals. Sally Hansen Double Duty was a dream come true for me. After letting it dry on the stamper for about 10 minutes I was able to easily peel it off, the decal was flexible, but not floppy and, adhered to my nail nicely.

     What a difference the top coat makes! What I once thought was a difficult technique is now so easy! I can see myself doing this over and over again. Of course I'll need to pick up a few more stampers so the process goes a bit quicker. But man o man am I impressed with my results. Now as much as I want you all to sit here and admire my work, it's time to check out what everyone else has come up with. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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