Thursday, December 4, 2014

MoYou London - The Festive Collection (Press Release)

     This Friday MoYou London is releasing 2 more plates for their Festive Collection.  Check out all the details below and let me know which plates might go on your wish list.

 ❊ ❉  Christmas is just a few weeks away now!  ❉ ❊ 

We know how you love your Festive plates!

So here you are, 2 NEW FESTIVE PLATES


These 2 plates will be released this Friday the 5th of December.
Have a great day and Merry Christmas!
The MoYou-London Team 

     I actually like the look of both these plates. I'm in love with all the little ornaments. I like the idea of the words on the plate, but I'm worried that the fonts will be hard to read once stamped on the nail. Hopefully, MoYou will give us a few sneak peeks at some manicures done with that plate to help me make up my mind. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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