Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday manicure ideas with the Pretty Woman Holiday Nail Kit

      As some of you might know on Monday I was given the opportunity to take over the Pretty Woman NYC twitter feed for their virtual holiday party. For 2 hours I shared some nail art, held a few giveaways, and talked about holiday trivia. It was kind of fun, but not very interactive. I think the time slot I had may have had something to do with that, though. (Middle of the day and just after lunch.)

    For the party I came up with 4 nail art looks using the 4 nail polishes that come in the Holiday Nail kit. I wanted to do designs that even a beginner could easily replicate, and I wanted them to have a holiday feel. Something you might wear for Christmas or New Years without being a traditional design.  These are the looks I came up with.


     I started out with an Argyle manicure using Just Peachy, Snake Charmer, and Gold Dust. This was actually a lot harder to do than I thought. An Argyle manicure has been on my to-do list for a few months and I was determined to get it right. It took me 3 different attempts to get the triangles looking decent, but in the end, it was worth it.

     I tried freehand painting them and that was a disaster. I used stripping tape, but the lines ended up being off. In the end, I used scotch tape and some creative placement to get the look I wanted. I did end up free handing the gold and that worked out much better than the triangles. After taking the pictures I didn't want to take this one off.


      The next look I tried was a half-moon using Shirley Temple and Gold Dust. I thought this would be a more classic holiday look that would appeal to a wider audience. Specifically, people who aren't into wearing wild or intricate nail art. Oh and get this, that's one coat of Shirley temple on my nails. I couldn't believe I found a one coat red! 

     I actually freehanded this entire look and think it turned out pretty good. Especially considering I did the half-moon part with a dotting tool. In hindsight, I probably should have used some guides to get a more rounded look. But hey this is nail art looks for beginners so perfection was not required right?


     For this look, I had New Year's Eve in mind when I created it. Something a little more sophisticated and some bling. Using Snake Charmer and Gold Dust I recreated a look I did earlier this year with Mentality Tempest, this time with a twist. I chose a different finger to use as the accent and made that the plain nail keeping the focus on the negative space stripes.

     This is a really easy look to do, but it does require some patience. Something I usually don't have when it comes to nail art. But I knew if I wanted my stripes to work I had to wait for each layer to dry. It took a lot of sitting still and catching up on a few TV shows but I found my patience, and my stripes are good.  Ahh, the things we do for nail art, it's a tough job but somebody has to do it.


    For my final look, I wanted to go a bit more playful. Originally I wanted to do plaid nails. Something with a warm and comfy feeling to it for the cold winter days but this looks a bit more like presents to me. I used Just Peachy, Shirley Temple, and Gold Dust to create this look. And I'm proud to say that I freehand painted those stripes and they look pretty darn good.

     This was a fun little challenge for me. Coming up with holiday nail looks using only these colors, making it something I could be proud of and, something others could replicate without a lot of experience. It really made me focus on my techniques and helped tune a few nail art skills. I hope you enjoyed these looks, Id love to know which one was your favorite. If you'd like to purchase a kit for yourself or a gift they are available at  The kits cost $7.99 and you have the option to have them gift wrapped. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


  1. These are all really cute but I especially love the red and gold one! And how awesome that it was a one-coater!

  2. These are all such fun ideas for a holiday manicure. I really like the last plaid manicure a lot.

  3. I really like your designs, especially the argyle.

  4. Thanks. I love that it's a one coater! Not that 2 coats takes a long time to apply but 1 just seems like such a time saver.

  5. Thanks Lisa. I like that one too, but have to admit my favorite is the argyle.

  6. Thank you. That one is my favorite too. And now that I know how to get the look I want I might re-do it for the holidays.

  7. I like the plaid look! What a fun opportunity to take over the twitter feed!

  8. These all look awesome!! I love the half moon design, it's so pretty!

  9. Thanks. It was really exciting at first and I had fun doing it. I'm not sure I would do it again if they offer. Things on their end seemed kind of disorganized and I got some pretty important info half way through my "shift". But its an experience I'm glad I had.

  10. Thank you. I enjoyed coming up with these looks.

  11. Ooooh, the argyle is a design I'd love to try as well!

  12. That one took the most work, but its also the one I'm most proud of.

  13. These look great! The argyle is my favorite!


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