Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's in a finish?- Matte

     For this installment of What's in a finish, I take a closer look at the matte finish. If you missed the first post in this series you can see it here where I talk about creme finish polishes.

      So what is a matte finish? Well, the easiest characteristic to spot is the lack of shine. Matte polishes usually dry quickly and can be streaky. While this is a newer nail trend it does have some downsides. Some companies recommend skipping the base and top coat to get a truer matte finish leaving the polish more vulnerable to chipping.

     Many companies are now offering a matte finish top coat that can help your manicure last longer and turn any nail polish into a matte finish. I would avoid hand lotion if you want to rock a matte look manicure as the lotion tends to ruin the effect.

     I have heard that you can add cornstarch to a bottle of nail polish to turn it matte. I have not tried this myself and don't really recommend it, to be honest. Especially since I don't know if it will work and you can get the same look by using a matte finish top coat.

     Until recently all matte polishes were pure color polishes. Meaning they had no additives for sparkle or shimmer. With the increasing popularity of the matte finish, companies are starting to offer a wider variety. Orly recently came out with their matte finish flakies.

     While the flakies do give off a flash when the light hits them, they still dry to a dull matte finish giving an entirely new look to the flakies top coat.

     So what are you're thoughts on the matte finish? Have any of you tried the cornstarch trick and willing to share? As always thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


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