Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Glitter Daze

     About a month ago I was given the opportunity to purchase some GlitterDaze polishes at a discounted blogger price in exchange for my honest review. GlitterDaze polishes are 5-free, hand mixed and not tested on animals. Polishes are available in full size (15ml) and mini (4ml) and can be purchased here. Prices range from $6.50 to $11.50 depending on the polish and size of the bottle. I love how the store listings include a little story about each color. I think it adds a personal aspect that you don't find with every indie polish line.

     The polishes arrived quickly and came wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper. The packaging was so cute I couldn't help but take a picture of it.

    Here's a quick picture of the colors I chose to review. I tried to go for colors that were different from what I already have in my collection. But between you and me, I have a hard time staying away from the sparkly shimmery polishes.

 GlitterDaze Polish

     First up I have Twilight in Tucson a holographic mulitchrome polish that shifts from orange to pink.
"Twilight in Tucson is a holographic mulitchrome polish, which shifts from pink/red/orange/yellow with a hint of light purple. This polish is based on the sunsets in  Tucson, Arizona on a hot summer evening in the lush Sonoran Desert."

GlitterDaze Twilight in Tucson

     Here I have 2 thin coats of Twilight in Tucson without topcoat. The application was smooth and even. My bottle had a slightly wonky brush but I think that might have been a fluke since this was the only polish that had that problem. The polish dried to a nice smooth finish and as you can see I was able to capture a few flashes of green within the polish along with the other colors.

GlitterDaze Twilight in Tucson macro
     The macro shot really captured all the colors that make an appearance in this polish.

     Next up is A Boardwalk to Remember. This polish turned out to be my surprise favorite of the 4. Multi-sized hex glitters in neon pink,  neon purple, and neon blue combine flawlessly in a clear base.

"A Boardwalk to Remember was inspired by long summer evenings, when the sky is a swirl of pink and purple, and the reflection on the ocean gives the water a dark blue hue."

Glitterdaze A boardwalk to Remember
     Shown here is 2 coats of Boardwalk layered over a white base without top coat. The application was extremely easy with no fishing for glitters required. I did, however, do a little placement to get even coverage on my nails.

GlitterDaze A Boardwalk to Remember Macro

     Look at how fun this polish is! I really wish I had waited and swatched it last so I could wear it as a full manicure.

     Next, I have Jetsetter Lifestyle. A linear holo in an exquisite periwinkle blue.
"Jetsetter Lifestyle was inspired by the beautiful view when you look out of the airplane window in the evening; a dust blue sky with setting sun shimmering on the clouds-breathtaking, just like this polish! A cloudy light blue nail polish with glints of pink shimmer with a linear holographic finish."
GlitterDaze Jetsetter Lifestyle
     This is two coats of Jetsetter Lifestyle without top coat. The holographic effect was stronger in person, but my camera had a hard time capturing the true beauty. The application was flawless and dried to a smooth, shiny finish.

GlitterDaze Jetsetter Lifestyle macro
     This polish was seriously breathtaking. It would have to be my second favorite out of the 4. The slightly purple undertone makes this one stand out from the other light blue holos I've come across in the past.

     Last but not least I have pictures of Nightfall in NYC. A holographic duochrome with a strong orange to purple shift.
"Nightfall in NYC is a holographic multichrome polish, which shifts from blue/purple/red/orange. This polish is based on the sunsets of New York City and truly captures the beauty of night falling over the New York skyline."

GlitterDaze Nightfall in NYC

     This is 2 thin coats if Nightfall without top coat. The application was again flawless. The polish dried to a smooth, shiny finish.

GlitterDaze Nightfall in NYC macro

     I had a hard time capturing the purple color shift with my camera, but it was apparent in real life. You can get a glimpse of the purple shift in the bottle on the previous photo. When I had my fingers at certain (unphotographically friendly) angles the purple was stronger making a fun element to this polish.

     All in all, I am very happy with the polishes I picked out, the quality was consistent with all 4 polishes. It was a lot of fun browsing through the selections and reading the descriptions. I like knowing how an artist was inspired.

    The other thing that sets GlitterDaze apart from all the indie polish lines is her rewards program. There are 2 ways of earning rewards points once you become a registered customer. One way is by making a purchase, the other is to rate the products. The points can then be used to earn discounts on future purchases or even a free polish! Hows that for customer appreciation!

     There are several ways to keep up with news from GlitterDaze. You can follow the blog, like them on Facebook, check out the shop, or sign up for the newsletter.

     I really hope you liked this post, thanks for stopping by and checking it out. Id love to hear your comments on these polishes, or if you love a GlitterDaze polish that you think I should check out. Happy Polishing!
 *The polishes in this post were purchased by me at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and photographs are my own.*

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