Thursday, June 27, 2013

Layla Ceramic Effects EL23

     Today's NOTD post is a beautiful Layla Ceramic Effects Color. To be completely honest I'm not sure what the name or color number of this polish is. There is no actual name on the bottle, the lid has number CE61 on it and the sticker on the bottom shows EL23. Either way, I love this and am so glad I snagged it from Ulta's clearance rack a month ago.

Layla Ceramic Effects LE23
     I knew this would be a sheer polish so I layered it over an unnamed bright yellow/green and applied 2 coats of EL23. Tiny glimpses of gold can be seen when the sun hit this polish and I love it! But knowing me I couldn't leave it as is. I had to add a little something to it and I'd just gotten my Konad stamping polishes in the mail.  (I found a set of black and white on Amazon for $14.99) Obviously, I had to see if the Konads were worth the hype and set to stamping.

Flowers stamped on green

     I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. It's my first manicure with a different design on each finger. And I learned a little trick to help with my image placement for my very curved nails. Besides slowing down and taking my time that is. I do have to say that the black and white are crisper than other stampings I have done in the past and am impressed with the Konad polishes for stamping. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for other deals on them in the future.

     The images I used are from Bundle Monster plate BM-310 for the background (black) and Konad m26 for the flowers.

     Thanks for taking the time to check out my post. Id love to hear your thoughts on the polish and also if you like the new background I'm trying for my pics. Have a great day everyone.


     Thanks to  Melissa for letting me know this color is called Ipanema Girl. 


  1. This is beautiful!! I have this Layla too and love the's called Ipanema Girl. :) The name actually prints out on the Ulta receipt. I love the lattice stamping!

    1. Oh Melissa thanks for that info. I dont have my reciept anymore and didnt even really look at it when I had it.

  2. Pretty green! Love the design you created :)

    1. Thanks Lisa =) And thanks for always commenting on my posts. I really appreciate it. Do you have a blog too?


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