Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guest Post Jenni from Nail Art Novice

      Today  Jenni from Nail Art Novice tell us about how she got started with nail Polish and Nail art. A big thanks for sharing your story with us and allowing me to have it on my blog.
      I never really grew up around polish-my Mum never wore any-so I was never hooked on it when I was younger. For a while during my teens (and my semi-goth phase) I wore it occasionally, and nearly always in some combination of black, bright orange and bright green because they were pretty much the only colours I owned.
     When I was at uni I gained a few more-mostly Stargazers or Barry Ms-and not in a massive array of colours-I had one blue, one red etc. It wasn't until my final year of uni that I realised you could do so much more with polish than just put a crackle coat on top of it. I started following a few nail blogs and was amazed by the possibilities, but also convinced that I would never be able to do anything like that on my nails-it all looked far too complicated! Through these blogs I discovered indies too, and ordered my first ones-two Emily de Mollys from when she was still a teeny Etsy shop!
     I started trying not to repeat a mani if I could help it and bought some new colours to play around with, and also decided to keep a photo record to ensure that I did something different each time. I decided to turn this into a blog because I wanted to share those pictures in a way that didn't mean I was spamming my friends on Facebook (who didn't seem to appreciate them anyway!), and because I had some experience blogging on another site I just set it up and went for it in January of this year! I never really expected to get any followers so I'm amazed and flattered that I have as many as I do. I'm really glad I did decide to blog-there's such a wonderful community in the nail/beauty blogging world and I've (virtually) met some fabulous ladies from it. I've also got my best mate involved too!

     I've tried out so many things that I never would have thought I'd have been able to do only a year ago and have really enjoyed learning as I go. I really love nail art and it's very rare now that I have naked nails, and even rarer that I just wear a plain colour across all of them with nothing extra added on!

     It's been a gradual journey from Tomboy with all black nails to polish addict, but I reckon I'm definitely there now-I've more than doubled my collection since I started my blog 6 months ago, and it's still growing, oops!
Polish collection in the Beginning
The current collection of Polish
Sign me up to Polishaholics Anonymous, coz I'm here to stay and totally love it!
Thanks for having me, Katie! =)

Thanks again,



  1. What a great story on how you got started with polish. So fun to read :)

    1. I loved reading her story when she first sent it to me. Such a fun journey she's had!

  2. Now a days i have also become nail polish and art addict.

    1. Isnt it fun! I love that Ive discovered such a creative outlet for a hobby. =)

    2. Liquid Latex if you'd like to do a guest post sharing your story Id be happy to include it in the series. Just e-mail me at lustrouslacquer(at)live(dot)com.


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