Friday, June 14, 2013

Simply Smooth

      Today I'd like to do a quick little review of Simply Smooth base coat from Ana over at Simple Nail Art Tips.  For the last year, I have noticed the ridges in my nails have been getting worse and worse. Sometimes I could still see them through my polish. Not exactly what you want when you're photographing your nails and posting them online. I have been looking at ridge filling base coats for a while but hadn't pulled the trigger. Then Ana announced that she was selling one and I did a little happy dance.  I know a lot of you have heard me gush over her cuticle oil Pure. I just love that stuff! It's so amazing and shows results right away. Knowing the quality of the oil I knew I had to give the base and top coat a try. (the top coat will be a future post) Ordering is quick and easy and the price can't be beat, only $4.99!  You can pick up a bottle for yourself at NailCareHQ Ana's sister site. While you're there you should also pick up the Simply Quick top coat and the pure oil. Trust me, you won't regret it.

     So on to the review. Simply Smooth applies smoothly and easily.  It's a little thinner than the base coat I have been using and I ended up flooding my cuticle on the first nail. But that was an easy fix, you really don't need much on the brush when applying it on the nail. I took a picture of my naked nail to show the ridges. They seem so much more predominant than what I could capture.

     Notice the horizontal ridges? I can actually feel them when I run my finger across the nail.  Those are the worst but I have a few vertical ones that are less evident. And now for the after shot

Simply Smooth Base Coat

     I have a nice smooth surface for polish application. As you can see the base coat is not completely clear. I thought that would bother me at first. I was worried it would affect the color of some of my lighter polishes. I was worried for nothing. The slight color of the base coat doesn't have any effect on the color of polish.

    So far I have used Simply Smooth for 2 manicures. The first one was under a bright fuschia color and I had no staining, chipping or peeling after 4 days of wear. I plan on wearing my current mani until it chips and will update this post with my finding.

*The products listed in this post were purchased by me. All photos and opinions are my own*


  1. It looks like a nice product! :)

    1. My polish went on so smoothly with this. The real test will be when I use my white! I always have a streaky first coat with white.


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