Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A tough manicure day

     We've all had those days where nothing seems to go right when it comes to painting our nails. The color is streaky, or they don't go together quite right. You smudge your swatching hand while trying to take pictures. Or the worst possible break a nail! Any number of things can go wrong. Well for me that day was Tuesday.

     I had an idea in my head for 3 days and was just waiting for the time to be able to sit down and do it. This wonderful picture of a bright white base with neon splatters was in my mind. And not just any splatters. I wanted that kind that looks like a big dot with little dots spiking off of it. (Picture a toy jack.)The first problem, I'm only using untried polishes for the month of June. That eliminated my white polish.  Ok I'm a resourceful girl I can find a polish that will still work, I have to. Then I remembered my untried bottle of OPI Moon Over Mumbai that I picked up on clearance from Target a few months ago. It's not bright white but it will work in a pinch. And I was determined to get this mani on my nails.

OPI Moon Over Mumbai
3 coats plus top coat
Direct sunlight

     Well, this color wasn't exactly what I was expecting but it's still a pretty color. So far still on track. Then I go to take pictures and end up smudging my pinkie nail. Not the end of the world right, just repaint it. So I did and guess what.   Yep, that's right, I smudged it again. After the third time painting my pinkie I play it safe and wait a good 15 minutes before touching anything.

    Now it's time to add my splatters and the first thing I do is apply too much pressure with my dotting tool as I was trying to pull little lines off of the dot I placed and smudge my nail again! At this point in time, I beyond frustrated and give up on my splatter mani completely. But I still want to use my neon polishes for a fun bright flashy manicure. So I paint my pinkie for the fourth time and move on to the other fingers. At this point, I don't really know what I'm going to do I just start placing dots on my nail. The more dots I place the more I dislike the outcome and my frustration is through the roof.

Neon Dotticure    

     This is the what I ended up with. Poorly placed dots and dull neons. Not even anything close to what I wanted when I started this whole process.

     But wait, hold on a second. This really isn't all the horrible. The design is actually kind of cute. The more I look at it the more it's growing on me. If I had had this idea in my head from the start I bet it would have turned out great. So I guess the lesson I learned from all of this is that even if things aren't going quite as planned, you still can get something good out of it. Had I slowed down my dots would have lined up better of course but this has that 'home made" look to it. Don't let a mani that starts out on a sour note ruin your finished product. You might just end up with something great at the end.

Neon Dotticure
Another shot with different lighting.


  1. It still turned out pretty cute to me :)

    1. Thanks Lisa. The longer I wear it the more it's growing on me. I might have to try this one again to see if I can get the placement of the dots better, but its not as bad as I originally thought.

  2. It turned out fine! Very hard to get everything perfectly lined up. At least it is for me <3

    1. Thanks. My biggest problem is that I go to fast. If I slowed down a bit and took my time I would probably get better results.


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