Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guest Post Steph from At Peace With Polish

     Hello Everyone. Today I have a fun post from Steph from At Peace with Polish that brought a smile to my face. I hope you enjoy it and a big thanks to Steph for letting me share her story.

     One time a fairly new coworker sarcastically asked me if I changed my nails every day to match my outfit. I laughed because I sure did have a matching outfit and mani every time I saw her. I replied "Almost!" and I did not feel bothered by her sassy approach in the least. I think that was one of the many times I felt "at peace!"
My name is Stephanie Galvan, my blog is called At Peace with Polish, and I am super addicted to painting my nails. Well, just about anyone's nails! I found a comfort zone with this hobby, and that's what I want to share with you today.

     Katie invited bloggers to share how the polish-hoarding adventure began for us. I was thinking, my story is sooo simple: a friend of mine was always sporting a stunning set of natural nails that she kept glazed with a shade called "Watermelon." I knew I was hooked, however, I couldn't run to the salon every two weeks on my wedding-planning budget like she could. Well lots of people must do this at home, I thought. After all, I grew up with a little drawer of polish of my own (funny thing is that I never liked colors on my nails as a young girl, only on my toes) and like any woman I can DIY! I started searching and ran into my first nail art blog, Chalkboard Nails. What an inspiring, stunning eye-opening, crafty woman Sarah Waite is!
     Suddenly my story doesn't seem so simple and boring to me anymore. My wedding planning stress that was bombarding my life was now manageable with something else to focus on. The first color I remember falling head over heels for was Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac. I do adore purple!! Somehow I found Pretty & Polished and, in awe of Chelsea, purchased Jawbreaker, Galax-E, and Martian Salad. Best purchase ever? Possibly!!! I became a promoter and addict of Indie polish. What a cunning, amazing idea! What a unique, self-expressive, passionate community I had found!
     Amidst all of the beginner tape-manis, delving through blog after blog, and finding and purchasing more Indie brands I realized that I had found a way to control and enjoy a new aspect of myself. I was actually pretty good, I thought, and I was enjoying myself. After a stressful day at a horrific job and with a mess of wedding planning all on my own ahead of me, I was "At Peace with Polish."
     I am so happy with this community! I love the ladies: the blogs, the support, and oh my goodness the unique creations! I'm thankful for my new friends galore as well as the women who have asked me to review their products. I love the blogs and I am so thankful for you all. Thank you, Katie, for asking me to do a little piece for your blog so that I may express my gratitude and love for this crazy lacquer-obsessed world of ours.


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    1. I love this one. It might be my favorite so far in the series!

  2. That is a fun story, polish is such a great way to express yourself any way you like it :)

    1. Thats such a great comment. I love how each polish can look different on a person and we can be unique.


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