Wednesday, June 19, 2013

# Guest Post # How it all Started

Guest Post Hannah from The Dalai Lama's Nails

     Today on the blog Hannah from The Dalai  Lama's Nails shares with us how she got started in Nail art.

     I don't know how I found it, but nearly two years ago I found myself watching a water marbling tutorial on YouTube. I sat transfixed, watching as drops of polish were gently placed in concentric circles on the surface of a cup of water - and somehow that turned into this amazing, organic, swirling manicure! Immediately I set to work gathering supplies, and many hours later I had created my very first nail art. Not too long after that, I created The Dalai Lama's Nails as a way to keep track of my burgeoning and quickly growing love of all things nail art! This may seem silly, but for me, nail art is almost meditative. It requires huge amounts of concentration and stillness - and after all the hard work that goes into creating a look, it is quickly swept away with one swipe of acetone.

     I still struggle with water marbles, to be honest! After that first foray into water marbling, I have only tried it a few other times - there are so many styles and techniques to try, and I never get bored! Anyways, since this guest post is all about my intro to nail art, I figured I'd dig into my roots and do a water marble. These are all Sally Hansen polishes: Jungle Gem, Pacific Blue, Mint Sorbet, and Black Out.

Thanks so much to Katie for hosting this awesome series!
     Thanks Hannah for allowing me to share your story. I know I've found myself watching in awe at some of the water marbling videos. Wondering how they make it look so easy. I love the way this water marble turned out and it makes me want to give it another try.


  1. Can anyone tell me if the picture is now showing up? It was acting up earlier. Thanks in advance for your help. =)

  2. Replies
    1. She did a fantastic job dont you think! I can never get my water marbles to turn out that way. The lines always seems to be squished together.

  3. You did great on this! I have yet to try water marbling since I'm kind of afraid of the mess I'll have to clean up afterwards, lol.

    1. The mess is actually pretty minimal if you tape around your fingers. Ive heard of people putting vasiline around their nails to help with clean up but to me that makes more of a mess.

  4. Thanks for hosting me, Katie!

    I actually used a new product called Liquid Pallisade instead of tape this time - though I think you could very well use elmer's glue and just peel it away when it dries. It definitely makes water marbling less of a pain!

    1. Thank you for participating in this series. Im having so much fun reading how every one got their start. Hopefully a few people have found their way to your blog from this. =)


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