Tuesday, July 17, 2018

1850 Polish - Dichotomy

     Ever since their debut in December of 2017 1850 Artisan polish has been taking the indie world by storm. While there have been several memorable releases including a stunning topper collection packed with flakies, today I'll be showing you one of the original polishes, Dichotomy.

     Dichotomy is scattered holographic thermal polish that shifts from a deep purple when cold to a pale lilac when warm. 

     The application is absolutely luxurious with a super smooth formula and a much higher opacity than expected. When applied the color is in the cold state and appeared to have full opacity after the first coat. I used two coats to make sure of full opacity no matter what stage this polish was in. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. 

    For the accent nail, I wanted a stamped image that seemed to appear and disappear depending on the temperature. I used Sinful Colors Forbitten Fruit and an image from Creative shop 23. Forbitten Fruit isn't an exact match but it wasn't as obvious in the cold state as my camera shows. 

    I absolutely loved wearing this manicure and got a kick out of people noticing that it changed colors. I wore this for a full week wild I was camping and came home with only minimal chipping and tip wear. For the conditions I put my hands through that week, I'm very impressed with this polish.  

      How do you feel about thermal manicures with "disappearing" designs? Have you tried this brand yet? I also picked up Duplicity which is another thermal polish and can't wait to try it. Be sure to stop back on Thursday for my review on Sparrow from Poetry Cowgirl, until then, Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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