Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Crows Toes Polish Pickup Rewind (Press Release)

Don't Miss Out Again! 
     Clutch your pearls ladies and gents…because while the fabulous PPU ladies have their much deserved break for the month of July that means the inmates get to run the asylum!!! Muaaah Ha Haaah!

     With that being said,  CrowsToes Nail Color is bringing back “Intergalactic Man-Slut”/“the Power Stone” for July’s Fan Favorites. Originally made and sold in January's  Polish Pickup Pack "Crystals and Gemstones". It will be for sale in our Big Cartel Shop for the entire month…Yup., you read that right….the entire month of July.

     Inspired by the Purple Power Stone featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Star Lord meets his most appropriately named father, "Ego" played by Kurt Russell....a.k.a. - THE. MOST. EPIC. INTERGALACTIC. MAN-SLUT. EVER.

     A blue based purple that you'd swear glows from within…a blue based purple with a strong magenta shimmer. It does contain a bit of assorted microglitters, .004 and below., for that little extra added sparkle that makes it just a perfect purple. (at least I think so…lol). All this fabulousness for just $12 a bottle and NO CAP!!!
Collage Shown Courtesy of the ever fab @GurlyNailz

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