Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sassy Pants - Valentine's Duo (Press Release)

Here's What's Up!
There's just so much awesome going on, I can hardly stand it!
"Valentine's 18 Duo"
Finally, right?!
My apologies for it being FOREVER since I've launched any collections! Polish Pickup along with the Monthly Awareness Polish Box has kept me quite busy! However, I missed doing my own independent creations and so here is a gorgeous Valentine's duo! I hope you enjoy!
Sassy Pants Polish is excited to bring you two gorgeous holographic polishes in honor of Valentine's Day! "Gold 'n' Roses" and "Love 'n' Lingerie." Unlimited pre-order launch opens up at midnight Valentine's day and will be open for 1 week. Then these beauties will be gone for good. Pictures by Cosmetic Sanctuary. Happy Valentine's Day!!?

Only available Feb. 14th through the 21st, so go get your hands on this gorgeous duo before they're gone for good!
Until next time...don't forget to put on your Sassy Pants! 
xoxo, Angie

Angie (Cavaiuolo) Neyens, CEOS (Chief Executive of Sassy)
Sassy Pants Polish

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