Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Love nail art for Valentines Day

     I'm back with another nail art look for Valentines Day and once again I used a few nail polishes from Sally Hansen that I picked up on clearance. As some of you may have noticed Sally Hansen has had redone their displays and colors in stores clearing out a ton of colors. I have taken full advantage of this and added more to my collection than I'd like to admit. Because of my recent purchases and procrastination at putting them away, I've found myself reaching for them when it's time to paint my nails. Hence all the Sally Hansen posts lately. I will get back to posting other brands soon I promise. Now for today's nail art. 

     For this color combination, I was inspired by one of my fiance's friends. She sent me a message asking about pink and gray polishes that went well together. Her daughter is starting to get into nails and nail art which I think is really cool. I also liked the idea of pairing pink and gray together as a semi non-traditional valentines look. 

    Pink Blink is a bubblegum pink polish that I used as the base color on my ring finger.My main manicure color is Seize the Gray, a lighter gray than I had envisioned but has a great formula and nice opacity. 

    For my ring finger, I used What's Up Nails Vinyl written with love (wv215) and then painted Seize the Gray over it. The middle finger was done using What's Up Nail Vinyl Profiles (wv219) and Pink Blink. Both sets of Vinyls are still available at What's Up Nails if you'd like to get some for yourself.

    I found that this was a quick and easy way to create my Valentines look and I like the color combo. I'm so glad it was suggested to me. Have you used vinyls before? Where is your favorite place to get them? I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day, Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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