Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Untried A-Z Challenge Letter B

      It's time once again for the Untired A-Z Challenge and the letter B. This time around I am once again only sharing 1 polish but I have decided that I may share 2 or 3 polishes for each letter just to help knock out a few more untrieds. Like I mentioned in the event this is a totally laid back challenge and a fun way to work through those untried polishes a lot of us have in our collections.

      For my Letter B polish, I went with a polish I've had forever from Sally Hansen. Bronze Ablaze is part of the Insta-Dri line and sadly I  believe is no longer available for purchase. That's the one bad thing about going back and using a bunch of untried polishes. I'll probably be sharing quite a few that are no longer available. I just hope you're like me and like looking at pretty polish no matter what the availability is.


     Bronze Ablaze is a metallic bronze polish with golden shimmer. Like most of the polishes in the Insta-Dri line, this one is very opaque. I did have a slight issue with streaking when I tried applying this in thin coats.


     Everything evens out nicely with two coats and full opacity was achieved. Shown here is two coats plus a glossy top coat. Because of the metallic nature of this polish at certain angles, it can have a greenish undertone. While there is a color shift this is not a duochrome polish. The color shift is simply a side effect of the metallic finish. 


     Another side effect of a metallic finish is brushstrokes. Bronze Ablaze does have a few minimal brushstrokes that my camera was able to capture more than what I could see with my eyes. 

     Once again I decided to add a little nail art. I know I won't be adding nail art to each color during this challenge though. I have noticed lately that some colors give me an instant idea of what to add to them while others seem to be better left on their own. Anyone else ever have their nail art inspired by the color? 

      For this loo, I stamped with Hit the Bottle Snowed in and two images from plate GPStamping #13 from My Online Shop. I have had a slight obsession with geometric manicures lately and finally did one myself. I have a feeling I'll be doing a few more this year also. I just like the crisp clean look they have. 

     So that's my letter B polish. If you'd like to know more about the Untried A-Z challenge check out my Letter A post or the event on my Facebook page.  Now let's see what other polishes people chose for the Letter B. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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