Thursday, January 18, 2018

Finger Paints Winter Glaze Collection Part 2

     About a month ago I reviewed the Winter Glaze Collection from Finger Paints. At that time I was missing two polishes. Like I mentioned in my previous post I was able to find those missing polishes online and had put in an order. Now it didn't take a month for the polishes to arrive but it has taken me a month to finally get them up on the blog. The two polishes I was missing are Sterling Sculpture and Daubigny's Garden. Both polishes are jam-packed with glitter and by looking at the bottles I can see why they were sold out at both stores I visited. We all know that appearances can be deceiving and I've had more than one bottle of polish let me down once I got them on my nails. But was that the case here? Let's find out.

Sterling Sculpture


      Color: Clear based polish with multi-sized silver glitters.

     Application: The first coat applied smoothly and with a medium amount of glitter. I was able to get 98% glitter coverage without using a sponge to apply the second coat. Each and every glitter lays completely flat on the nail but there is a slight texture when the polish dries. Shown as 2 coats plus top coat.



     I actually like this polish and can see myself using it as a topper or for a glitter gradient. I can also see it looking good with some jelly polishes sponged over the top and some stamping. I do have to say that the glitter coverage looked much better to the naked eye then it does in these photos. I could barely see any nail through the glitter.

Daubigny's Garden


     Color: Clear based polish with multi-sized glitters that shift from gold to green to pink to blue to purple.

     Application: The first coat applied evenly but with slightly less glitter coverage that Sterling Sculpture. After two coats I was able to get decent glitter coverage but not quite complete coverage. I would recommend using a sponge to apply the second coat to get better coverage. The glitters do lay completely flat on the nail and there is a slight texture once dry. Shown here is two coats plus top coat.



     This polish for me was a bit of a letdown. I like it much better in the bottle than I do on my nails. Once again the glitter coverage looked better to the naked eye than what my camera shows. If I wear this one again it will only be as a topper rather than on its own. I do think it might look good in a glitter gradient.

    What do you think of the final two polishes from the Winter Glaze Collection? Should I have skipped them or do you think they will work for nail art? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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