Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Nail Art featuring the Orly Darlings of Defiance Collection

     Hi Everyone, today I've got a few nail art looks to share with you using polishes from the Orly Darlings of Defiance Collection. If you didn't see my post reviewing the collection not to worry, you can read all about it by following the link above. If you did already catch that post then you know I mentioned trying to see if a few of the polishes worked well for stamping. 

     While I haven't gotten around to trying all of them yet because you know life, I do have two looks to share with you today. One testing out some stamping and the other a gradient showing how well the colors in this collection go together. So let's get to it!

     First up is the stamped look with Champagne Slushe. You remember how this beautiful color was completely ruined by the brushstrokes? Yes, I was crushed by this but I wasn't ready to discount this polish yet, I loved the color too much and it was so opaque I knew I wanted to stamp with it.

     Using Faux Peal as my base I went in and stamped with Champagne Slushe and Hit the Bottle As Black as Night. The image is from Uber Chic plate Holiday Jingle.

    I love the way these polishes work together, and the look was perfect for the holiday season without being over the top. I can see myself wearing this design again but, maybe just as an accent nail paired with a bright red manicure or even black. What do you think?

     The next look I have for you is a gradient that had a luxurious and elegant feel for me. I'm not entirely sure if it was the color combination or the fact that my nails are getting so long. Whichever it is, this look is a winner in my book.

     Using Penny Leather as my base color I went in and sponged Penny Leather and Champagne Slushe for the gradient. Does that give you an idea just how opaque Champagne Slushe is? Ordinarily, I recommend painting the lighter color first so that it will show up in the gradient easier. I had zero issues with coverage and only had to go over my nails twice with the sponge to get a nice blend.

      I debated reversing the color order but I think having the gold at the tips made all the difference. I have a feeling the darker color at the tips would make my nails look shorter and just change the overall feeling of this manicure.

     Which look is your favorite? I am really enjoying the new collection from Orly and will be back with another post later on down the road once I finally test out how well Secondhand Jade and Penny Leather will work for stamping. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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