Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Untried A-Z Challenge Letter A

     Today is my first post in a year-long challenge that I've set up for myself. If you read my post on making 2018 a great year for my blog then you already have a hint as to what this challenge might be. Or maybe you've figured it out based on the title of this post, maybe not. Either way, I'm excited to get this challenge started and I hope that many of you will decide to join me whenever you can. I have an event set up on my facebook page with all the details. 

     Just what is this year-long challenge? It's for all those untried polishes I know we all have sitting around in our collections. I'm calling it the Untried A-Z challenge and the premise is simple.Every other week I'm going to blog about an untried polish in my collection starting with the letter A and working my way to Z. See I told you it was simple. Plus there are 26 letters in the alphabet and 52 weeks in a year so it works out perfectly! 

     Now you can go any route you want to with this. Use the brand name or polish name as your letter. You can choose to do a straight swatch or incorporate nail art into your look. As long as you go in alphabetical order that's really the only rule. Why alphabetical you might ask? Have you seen the amount of untried nail polish I own!? Just take a peek at my collection list and you'll get the picture.  There are so many polishes to choose from, and just how exactly was I supposed to decide? Going alphabetically will help narrow it down a bit and keep me on track. So have fun, join in and let's get this challenge started!

     For my letter A polish I went with a polish that's relatively new to my collection but still untried. Nevermind Polish Aamon from the Daemounum Collection released last summer. This collection is still available for purchase if you find yourself wanting a bottle.


     Aamon is a deep moss green to emerald green duochrome nail polish with scattered holographic glitter and a hint of linear holo thrown in. 


     The formula for this was a tad thicker than I'm used to using but was still very easy to work with. This thicker formula is the reason Aamon applied more opaque than I was expecting. I was able to reach full opacity with two coats. However, if you're used to applying your polish in thin coats you may need 3. Shown here is 2 coats plus top coat. 


     Aamon is pretty enough on its own but I decided to add a little nail art to the mix. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to add nail art to each polish for the Untired A-Z challenge yet, we'll see how inspired I get from the colors.

    I'm pretty sure this was not the route to go with my nail art. I wanted something that would really pop on the nail but also show the beauty, depth, and character that Aamon has. For me, purple and green naturally go together but I probably should have gone with a solid purple.

    The image is from plate URBeautiful-05 and the polish is Hit the Bottle Prismatic Purple. Both of which worked wonderfully and I will reach for again. Just a note to self and a tip for all of you, don't use a holographic stamping polish over a holographic base. Things get a little muddled when you do. 

     To try and save this look I added a layer of Matterial Girl top coat from Blush Lacquer. I was hoping it would help add some definition between the stamped image and my base color. How well did that work out? I'll let you be the judge of that...

    While I'm not thrilled with my final looks I do really like Aamon and I'm glad that I snagged a bottle. This is a green polish I can see myself wearing again. And just in case you're not convinced you need a bottle for yourself yet, I'm including a bonus shot to help persuade you.

      That photo was taken while sitting at my desk under my regular room lighting. No lightbox or fancy daylight led bulbs, just my phone, and a ceiling light. Check out that sparkle! Now, are you convinced you need to get a bottle? 

     I hope you decide to join in on the Untried A-Z challenge, I'll see you back in two weeks with my letter B polish. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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