Friday, March 31, 2017

Sinful Colors - Desert Divas Collection - Super Cooper

     Guess what!!! I was finally able to track down the elusive Super Cooper from the Sinful Colors Desert Diva collection. I'm not ashamed to say that I did quite the happy dance and gained a few side eye glances from my kids when it happened. For those of you who didn't read my previous post on the Desert Divas collection let me catch you up. 

     At the beginning of the year, Sinful Colors released the Desert Divas collection and 8 of the 9 colors began popping up at Walgreens stores around the country. The one color that no one could find was Super Cooper. Which has made it a V HTF color and also creating quite the demand for it. Since publishing my first post people have been spotting this HTF shade at Riteaid and Meijer stores but it has yet to be found in a Walgreens as far as I know. 

     Color: Sage green with silver iridescent flakes.
     Application: Super Cooper was a little sheer on the first coat and appeared streaky. You won't need to manipulate the polish though because it levels itself out in a matter of seconds. I think the streaks are because there are so many flakes packed in this beauty that they pile up on each other when applied to the nail. Thankfully gravity takes over and there's no need to worry. Full opacity is reached after 2 coats.

     Finish: Dries to a satin finish but appears to have a slight gloss thanks to all the flakies.

     With the addition of the matte top coat, you can really see just how packed with flakes Supr Cooper really is. It also lightens the color to a more muted shade.

     My overall thoughts on Super Cooper are that I love how the flakes seem to float within the polish. It's almost like a pond manicure but only using 1 polish. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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