Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Heathers Hues - You've Got To Be Shiftin' Me Collection

*Nothing to Disclose*

     Today I have a gorgeous multi-chrome collection from Heathers Hues to share with you. The You've Got to be Shiftin' Me limited edition collection is currently in it's 2nd pre-order which runs from March 17th through April 3rd. Yes I know I'm getting this post up late. Forgive me, I'm on my second week of vacation and for some reason when I have extra time on my hands I'm very unproductive. Always pushing tasks back thinking I have time to complete them after I do 6 other little things. I actually do my best work and am the most productive when I have a limited timeline. Crazy I know but it's just how I'm wired. Anyway back to the polish.....

      The You've got to be Shiftin' Me Collection consists of 4 polishes and I've got a ton of photos to share with you. Because of all the photos and consistent formula throughout the entire collection, I thought one quick paragraph on the application was the best way to go.

     All photos are shown as 2 coats plus a top coat, except for the stamped images. Those are shown as 2 layers of a black base, top coat, stamped image and another layer of top coat. Each polish has a highly pigmented base and smooth, even application. For the stamped images I used Creative Shop plate #14. And yes each and every one of these stamp beautifully.


     Vibrance is a multi-chrome polish that shifts from vibrant magenta to lime green to shimmery copper and yellow gold.


     Scintillate is an intense multi-chrome that shifts from ocean blue to tropical teal to royal purple. I also saw hints of pink and gold depending on the angle and lighting. 


     Lurid is a multi-chrome that shifts from emerald green to tropical teal to soft rose with flashes of purple. For me, I saw mainly a shift from emerald green to lime green and hints of purple. 


     Luminous is a multi-chrome that has an intense shift from vivid violet to bluebonnet blue to blush pink to amber orange and a coppery gold. I thought this would be my favorite from the collection because of the rainbow of colors. But it's actually my 3rd favorite. 

     While I love all 4 colors from this collection I have to say that my top two are Vibrance and Scintillate because they showed the most color shift when stamped. Although Luminous is a close 3rd. Which one is your favorite?

     The You've Got to Be Shiftin' Me collection can be purchased as a full set or individual bottles in both full size and mini (I purchased the mini set) and will not be rereleased after this pre-order. So if you want them go get them now. As always thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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