Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pretty & Polished Fall 2016 collection (Press Release)

The Pretty & Polished 2016 Fall Collection consists of 10 polishes in total. We have Thermals, Glitters, Flakes, and Dusty Cremes!

Lavendarling is a holo Lavender Polish filled with pink and blue flakes. This polish will turn to a darker blue/purple when cold. The change is subtle but very pretty. 

Fall in Love a Latte is another thermal. This shade changes from a light brown to an off white when warm. It is filled with different shades of glitter that we feel represent Fall.

Taupe me off and Leaf! is a taupe creme polish packed with browns, golds, coppers, and orange glitters to represent the falling leaves of the season. 

Heavy Metal (the name is self-explanatory lol) is a silver based polish packed with metallic glitters in silver, gold, and copper. It also has a sprinkle of color shifting flakes that may be hard to see if you aren't looking for them. 

Dark Magic is a dark gray creme holo with metallic purple hex and holo glitters. 

Fuzzy Sweater is a mustard yellow creme packed with color shifting flakes. 

Riverside Drive is a dark midnight blue creme with blue, silver and dark gray flakes.

I Done Plum had it! is a plum creme shade packed with copper orange flakes. 

Patch is a pumpkin orange dusty creme. 

Creme De La Creme is a creamy sand shade and another one of our Fall Dusty Cremes!

This collection will be available at Polish Con in Chicago on September 17th and available online ( on September 23rd! 
Color changers are $9 each
Glitters and Flakes are $8.50
Dusty Cremes are $7.50

You will be able to purchase the full collection for $78 (which will qualify domestic orders for free shipping).

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