Friday, September 16, 2016

Queen of Hearts Nail Art

     I thought it might be fun to kick off the weekend with a nail art look on the blog. After all, I got into nail blogging because of nail art, not just swatching. I've titled today's look the Queen of Heart but probably not for the reasons you might think. First off, there isn't a single heart to be found, but the colors are what inspired the name. Black, red and white always brings to mind the unforgettable  cartoon character from Alice in wonderland to me. They are bold and striking together which makes an impact and classics to me. Plus, as you can tell from the theme of my blog I'm quite fond of the color combination. 

     When putting this manicure together in my head I wanted something bold and eye-catching. I knew the colors would stand out when put together so a simple accent nail would do the trick. 

     I used OPI Die Another Day from Skyfall collection released in the winter of 2012 as my main color and Orly DayGlow on the accent nail. I could have opted for any of the white polishes in my collection but Dayglow has a hint of shimmer to it that I wanted to play off of the shimmer in Die Another Day. 

     The accent nail was created using the reverse stamping technique and my Simple Neat Miracle Mat (affiliate link) I know, I know I've raved about this mat before in a previous post so I won't do it again, but if you want you can certainly check that post out. The image is from Bundle Monster plate BM-223 and I stamped with Hit the Bottle As Black as Night. 

     Using my smallest dotting tool I filled in parts of the image using Die Another Day and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. This was extremely easy to do without smudging my nails thanks to the Simply Set Tool Rests (affiliate link) I just picked up. If you're like me and tend to rush through to the nail art part before your base color is fully dry I encourage you to check them out. They make picking up my dotting tools or clean up brush worry free. And they are super cute too!

     I hope you enjoyed today's nail art look as much as I did. Tell me, what is your favorite color combination when you're feeling sassy or bold? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


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