Friday, August 28, 2015

Parallax Polish - The Brain Scan Collection Part 3 The Mattes

      Rounding out this fun week of the new Brain Scan Collection from Parallax Polish is the matte finishes. I do have to warn you I am sharing 2 polishes today but only 1 will be available in this finish. I will get more into that once I show you the polish later in the post.

     If you're just joining my reviews of this collection be sure to check out my previous posts on the linear holos and the scattered holos. And remember each color is available in all 3 finishes for a total of 21 options to choose from when the collection releases this Saturday, Aug 29th.

      One thing to keep in mind when looking at purchasing this collection is that the finish changes the color slightly, as you can see from the image above. Thankfully there will be lots of swatches for you to check out and help make up your mind. Now onto the swatches...

     Fusiform Gyrus is as eye-searing neon orange. My camera had a lot of trouble with this one. I used a white base on my ring finger only to see if that made much of a difference. It's not as obvious in this photo but the orange color really popped over white. Shown here is 2 coats without top coat.

     The application was very good for a matte polish not to mention a neon matte polish. There were a few streaks on the first coat but they were minimal. And dry time was almost nonexistent. 

     In the macro shot, you can really see how much the white undies helps the orange to pop. And you'll see later how great this goes with black. I'm already getting ideas for a Halloween manicure.

     Brocas is an indigo blue polish shown here in the matte finish. This polish will not be available in the matte finish for sale on Saturday. As you can see there are small deposits of pigment on my nails. After talking with Erin about this and a few tweaks to the formula the matte finish has been pulled for now. I decided to still share this polish so you could see the color, and decide if you'd want it in another finish.  

     Here are Erin's words about this polish...
 I love this blue but it's just the crankiest thing. The matte version of #broca does not break down all the way, and you get pigment clumps, which can be seen here. Lame. I hadn't noticed this fact because (I think) my tester had settled from sitting for a while, and I'm easily distracted by sparkly things (aka the sparkle versions of this color). The lovely ladies of @lustrouslacquer and @mynailpolishobsession did notice thankfully so I am announcing that the matte version won't be available on the launch. I'm working on a solution but not optimistic for this exact color. The holo versions appear to be fine, as they are made in a different way. They will be available for the launch! Once I have a stable version of this color, I'll send it out for swatches from folks. If you want to buy the whole set matte, you can get the upgraded holo version of Brocas for free. ($6x6 polishes = 36$ plus Brocas of your choice). Thanks for your understanding! I didn't want to list a polish that had issues, but also be transparent about why it wasn't available yet.

     Despite the pesky formula issues application was really good. The polish flowed smoothly and dried quickly. 

     I like how squishy it looks here with 2 coats. And I happened to notice how close this polish is to Bryant from the SeCience Collection if you're looking for a close dupe. Brocas is a little darker.

     Now, how about some nail art? You didn't think Id finish off this review without any, did you? 

     For Fusiform Gyrus I used Finger Paints Black Expressionism and Image plate 03 From MoYou Londons tropical collection. The little black rhinestone is from Born Pretty Store. The accent nail on Brocas was done with Milani White on the Spot and Image plate 04 from MoYou Londons Kaleidoscope collection. I then went in and added a few dots with Brocas for my own little twist on the design. 

    As I mentioned above this Collection is releasing Saturday, Aug 29th, but what I didn't mention was that there's currently a little giveaway going on over at Parallax Polish in honor of her 1 year Anniversary.  You can find all the details on that, plus upcoming collections and release dates at the following links...

     If you'd like to see other colors available for purchase check out my previous reviews of The Women in Science CollectionKryptonMarshallBig Bang, and The SeCience Collection. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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