Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Parallax Polish - The Brain Scan Collection Part 2 Scattered Holos

    Hey, everyone, I'm back with a few more polishes to show you from the Brain Scan collection releasing this Saturday from Parallax Polish. I hope you enjoyed the Linear Holos  I shared on Monday, now sit back and get ready for the Scattered holos. 

     In case you missed my previous post this collection consists of 7 colors available in 3 different finishes for a total of 21 options to choose from. Fair warning though the finish does have some effect on the final color. You can see what I mean in the image below.

      Thankfully Erin is amazing at having blogger swatches with every listed which should help when it comes time to order. Speaking of swatches, let's get to mine!


     Corpus Callosum is an electric green shown here in the scattered holo version. Just look at that vibrant green, this baby almost glows in the sun. Sadly there wasn't much sun available to take my photos in. 

     The application was like butter with the polish going on smooth and even. Seriously I wish all polishes applied like this collection. I haven't had to do an ounce of clean up and for me, that's saying something. Shown here is 2 coats plus top coat.  There is the teeny tiniest VNL after 2 coats but not enough to bother me. In fact, I could only see it when I was outside. 

     Seriously, how fun is this green! Its super sparkly in person, not so much in incandescently lit photos. Dang grey days not allowing me to take sun shots.  Ugh, blogger problems, the struggle is real right. 

     Hippo Campus is a Byzantine polish shown here in the scattered holo version.  Byzantine is a rich tone of medium purple toned toward magenta. Which I just learned tonight thanks to a handy dandy color listing on Wikipedia

     Ok so I thought I was impressed with the application of Corpus Callosum but after putting Hippos Campus on I was impressed x10! This beauty is a smooth, even goes on like butter as close to a one coater as you can get.  I did do 2 coats for good measure and because well I always do 2 coats, plus top coat. 

     This is my kind of color, and I love how much it sparkles. I think it would be interesting to combine the two polishes I've shown you today in a  manicure. The colors would play so nicely off each other. What do you think should I try it? Of course, just like my last post, I did do a little nail art with these colors. 

     For Corpus Callosum I made my own decal using Bundle Monster plate BM12 and filled in the flowers with Parallax Polish April Holo and Orly Ablaze, Tropical Pop and Hot Tropics. Sadly my decal stretched a bit when taking it off the stamper head so I have a long goofy flower but every mani can't be a winner I guess. 

     For Hippo Campus, I kept it simple with an image from Bundle Monster plate BM20 and Zoya Black Swan. I used my jumbo squishy stamper for the first time and realized that I've been using the wrong stamper for the last few years. Boy did it make a difference, and I have retired my stiff stamper to decals only. Unless it keeps giving me issues with the decal removal that is. 

    As I mentioned above this Collection is releasing Saturday, Aug 29th, but what I didn't mention was that there's currently a little giveaway going on over at Parallax Polish in honor of her 1 year Anniversary.  You can find all the details on that, plus upcoming collections and release dates at the following links...

     If you'd like to see other colors available for purchase check out my previous reviews of The Women in Science CollectionKryptonMarshallBig Bang, and The SeCience Collection. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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