Monday, August 3, 2015

Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer - Posies & Peonies

     It's Monday and I'm getting a late start on my weekly blogging. I had way to much fun this weekend and may have slipped into a small coma when I finally returned home last night. But it was so worth it! I just love summer time and all the town festivals, bonfires, and bbq's with friends. And because I'm in such a love all the summer things kind of mood I decided to share a polish who's very name brings up a summer feeling. Posies & Peonies from Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer.

     Posies & Peonies is a clear based polish with holographic micro glitters mixed with pink, white, black and purple glitters in various sizes. 

     Shown here is 3 coats plus top coat.  The application was easy with no fishing at all for glitters. As you can see there is plenty of glitter coverage and  I had tons on the brush for each coat. I did do a small amount of placement with a few of the larger glitters because they wanted to slide around a bit on my nails. 

     The polish dries completely smooth on my nails and you only need 1 layer of top coat to finish it off. 

     I think this is one of those polishes that you can wear alone or as a topper depending on your feeling about VNL. Personally, I like to avoid VNL and while I love this polish and think it looks fun on its own Id like to see it layered over a nice grey or maybe a pale blue. Something to help showcase the fun glitters and the depth that this polish has. What color would you pick? 

      I should mention that Shirley Ann is currently taking a break from polish making to tend to her new bundle of joy and as of this time there is no set date as to when she will be back. But fingers crossed that she does return because this is one beautiful polish she made and I'd like to be able to get a few more. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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