Thursday, September 25, 2014

MoYou London - The Gothic Collection (Press Release)

     MoYou London has not one but 2 new collections of plates releasing this Friday. The Gothic Collection is just in time for Halloween. 4 new plates to make your nails look fabulous this Halloween.

 Winter is coming and Halloween is just around the corner.
It's another Friday coming up and I am happy to announce the new release of the week. This time 4 more plates from the:


Meet Raven > Black is her favourite colour. 
"Though I know I should be wary,
Still, I venture someplace scary,
Ghostly hauntings I turn loose,
Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice!!!"
These 4 plates will be released this Friday the 26th of September.
Have a great day!
The MoYou-London Team

     MoYou London plates are available from their website and as mentioned above these plates will be available Friday, Sept 12th. These plates are £4.99 each or about $8 U.S.


  1. Replies
    1. Im anxiously awaiting the Scorpio one to see if its a must have for me. Im not sure I would need any of the other Zodiac ones, well maybe ones for my kids.


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