Thursday, September 11, 2014

SOBO Ultra HGF Youth Serum

      Recently I was given the opportunity to review the SOBO Ultra HGF youth serum thanks to my partnership with Brand Backer. I had never heard of this brand before but the products looked interesting and I wanted to try them for myself. Before I get into the actual review I'd like to give you a little background on the company.
      SOBO Skin Care was built on a clear philosophy of what should (and shouldn’t) be in quality skin care products. Our primary focus has always been to formulate cleansers, toners, creams and serums that are made with as many natural organic ingredients as possible, but without compromising the efficacy that women expect. To accomplish this we combine wonderful organic ingredients like orange flower extract, hops, and strawberry oil with others proven to provide visible results like hyaluronic acid, human growth factor and ceramide 3 to effectively and gently rejuvenate skin.

SOBO is dedicated to setting a new gold standard in the years to come for indie skin care products of all types. Natural, wholesome, honest, and effective -- that's the SOBO value system in a nutshell.
     There are 4 products in their skincare line: I chose to try the Ultra HGF Youth serum.

     ULTRA HGF Youth Serum
-- This innovative youth formula leverages the power of proven acetyl tetrapeptide-2 to help restore your skin to its former glory and help prevent signs of future aging. Skin’s critical immune functions are also boosted while the production of healthy, youthful skin cells is uniquely supported and accelerated. The light but potent formula also moisturizes dry skin and smooths for a glowing, velvety appearance.

     Now I've only been using this for a week now and I didn't expect to see miraculous results. If I had you'd better believe I wouldn't be telling the world about it, I'd be buying it all for myself. I don't plan to grow old gracefully, after all, I'm going kicking and screaming the entire way!
     I have noticed that my skin feels softer, and the bags under my eyes are slightly less apparent. And those pesky crows feet that are starting to appear around my eyes, well they're still there but I have a feeling in a few weeks I will notice a difference in them as well.
      One pump of the dispenser is all you need to cover your entire face and neck. The directions say to apply day or night after washing your face. I found this serum to be lightweight, absorbed quickly and applied easily without feeling greasy. I have already ditched my old wrinkle cream for this one. If you'd like to try out the Ultra HF Youth Serum or any of the products offered SOBO has a discount code for 25% your entire first purchase at Just use code "TRYSOBO" this code does not expire so you have some time to decide before you buy. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

*The products shown were sent to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own*



  1. The packaging on it is very nice. I like serums a lot too so this one looks nice.

    1. This is my first time trying a serum. I normally use a cream, but they tend to feel greasy on mu skin or take forever to absorb. I really like how light this one feels.


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