Monday, June 30, 2014

Orly- Sparkling Garbage

       Good morning and Happy Monday! I am officially back from my vacation, feeling rested, slightly sunburnt and very bug bitten. But I had a good time and am ready to do it summer. I don't think my kids were quite ready for that level of camping. But they all had a good time, and want to go back so that's promising. Now onto the polish.

     Today's quick post is Orly Sparkling Garbage. Released in Summer 2013, Sparkling Garbage is part of the Mash Up Collection. A light Turquoise holographic polish that looks more like very fine glitters with multi-dimensional shine.


    Here I've shown 2 coats of Sparkling Garbage on its own and then 2 coats layered over black, without top coat. I like the look both ways but really should have added a 3rd coat when wearing it alone. As you can see it dries to a high shine finish and has an almost 3-dimensional look to it.

     In my opinion, this polish deserves to be worn as a full manicure, instead of just swatched for my blog. It's such a unique polish compared to the others in my collection.

     What do you think of Sparkling Garbage? 

     Sorry, this was such a quick post, but I'm in recovery mode from vacation and you know what that means. Laundry, lots and lots of laundry! See you back here later this week with a special announcement.


  1. This is a color that is on my wishlist! Its so pretty.

    1. I could almost kick myself for buying it months ago and not using it until now.

  2. I hate laundry, so you have my sympathies. LOL. Sparkling Garbage is one of my most favorite polishes that I own!

    1. Im actually delaying it by uploading all the pictures I took and a few other things. Im not looking forward to starting the laundry. I would almost pay someone to do it allf or me at this point.


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