Monday, June 2, 2014

What's in a finish? - Glitter

     Today I wanted to take a look at glitter nail polish. I myself used to have a love/hate relationship with glitters and would shy away from them.  I love the way they look but hated the removal. That changed once I got my peel off base coat, though.

      Glitter polish is considered the flashiest of the finishes and has the largest variety of looks with the variety of glitters available. There's multi glitter, two-toned glitters, single glitters, bar glitter, round, square, hex, and even shaped glitters. The base used to contain little to no color and the "color" is formed by the glitters used.  However, more and more indie polish makers are adding glitter to a pigmented base.

Fickle Fairy Potions Quit Your Clownin'
     You will sometimes hear someone refer to a glitter polish as being "top coat hungry" which means that the polish has a very rough texture. All glitter polishes have a rough finish but some are worse than others. Micro glitter polishes, for example, are the smoothest of glitters but even those have a slight texture to them.

Cover Girl Scalding Emerald
      Overall I feel that glitter polishes are an essential part of any one's collection. They can spruce up a day old manicure, change the look of the polish, or just make you sparkle. But save yourself the headache of removal and invest in a peel-off base coat.

     Thanks for stopping in, I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll have the last post in this series for you next Monday. Happy Polishing!


  1. I love glitters, especially holographic ones! I feel like I'm a rare breed, I'm not that bothered by the removal to be honest ;P

    ~Becca // :)

    1. Thanks for commenting. The only part about the removal that really bothers me is how long the remover sits on my nails. It is disasterous to my cuticles. I work with cardboard all day long which dries out my hands and cuticles. Making them extra sensative to the remover.

  2. Glitters are my favorite! Its a great way to spice up a plain manicure.

    1. One of my favorite manicure styles is glitter tips. I love the added sparkle it gives, and it's so easy to do.


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