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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pretty & Polished Fall 2016 collection (Press Release)

The Pretty & Polished 2016 Fall Collection consists of 10 polishes in total. We have Thermals, Glitters, Flakes, and Dusty Cremes!

Lavendarling is a holo Lavender Polish filled with pink and blue flakes. This polish will turn to a darker blue/purple when cold. The change is subtle but very pretty. 

Fall in Love a Latte is another thermal. This shade changes from a light brown to an off white when warm. It is filled with different shades of glitter that we feel represent Fall.

Taupe me off and Leaf! is a taupe creme polish packed with browns, golds, coppers, and orange glitters to represent the falling leaves of the season. 

Heavy Metal (the name is self-explanatory lol) is a silver based polish packed with metallic glitters in silver, gold, and copper. It also has a sprinkle of color shifting flakes that may be hard to see if you aren't looking for them. 

Dark Magic is a dark gray creme holo with metallic purple hex and holo glitters. 

Fuzzy Sweater is a mustard yellow creme packed with color shifting flakes. 

Riverside Drive is a dark midnight blue creme with blue, silver and dark gray flakes.

I Done Plum had it! is a plum creme shade packed with copper orange flakes. 

Patch is a pumpkin orange dusty creme. 

Creme De La Creme is a creamy sand shade and another one of our Fall Dusty Cremes!

This collection will be available at Polish Con in Chicago on September 17th and available online (www.shopprettyandpolished.com) on September 23rd! 
Color changers are $9 each
Glitters and Flakes are $8.50
Dusty Cremes are $7.50

You will be able to purchase the full collection for $78 (which will qualify domestic orders for free shipping).

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