Thursday, May 17, 2018

Girly Bits - V.I.Polish

     For today's post, I've reached back into my VIP bag from Polishcon Chicago and emerged with V.I.Polish from Girly Bits. I've already shared one polish from the VIP bag with you which was Con Artist and I figured it was about time I shared another. Afterall it has been almost 8 months since the convention and 5 months since I actually wore this polish. 


      V.I.Polish is a black to purple duo chrome polish with scattered holographic glitters. In certain lighting, you can get a hint of gold like you see at the top of the bottle. I wish there had been some sunlight when I wore this to really showcase the sparkle. Unfortunately, December in Minnesota is not a sun-filled month and I was in the middle of trying to figure out my new lighting situation after upgrading to a bigger lightbox so the sparkle got a bit lost. 

     The application was smooth and even. I was a bit surprised at the sheerness of the first coat for such a dark polish but that didn't cause any issues. Two coats left me with full opacity and a smooth finish. Shown here is two coats plus a glossy top coat. 

     I'm not sure if I would have ordered this polish just by looking at the bottle but I'm super happy it came in my VIP bag so I didn't miss out. I love it when a polish surprises me and helps encourages me to go outside my comfort zone and try new colors. Have you ever been surprised by how much you like a polish once you wear it? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing? 

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