Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Orly - Whats the Password?

     Every once in a while you have to reach into your nail polish stash and pull out something from the past. And that's just what I've been doing lately. Slowly making my way through my collection trying to get my untried list cut down to a manageable size. So you'll be seeing lots of posts like my last one reviewing OPI polishes from 2006 or Sinful colors from 2011. And today's post featuring Orly's Whats the Password? from 2013. Don't worry I'll still be sharing newer colors and the occasional new release. But today's post is all about What's the Passwordso let's get to it.

     Released in 2013 as part of the Secret Society collection What's the Password? is a burnt orange leaning copper polish with a hint of golden shimmer. Unlike most shimmer nail polishes the shimmer is What's the Password is larger and has subtle hints of a glass fleck finish.

   The formula is almost flawless with a smooth and even application and surprisingly no VNL after 1 coat. I've shown the nail polish as two coats plus top coat.The reason for my almost flawless remark is because like all shimmer polishes What's The Password suffers from brushstrokes. Thankfully the sparkle and shimmer help to hide most of them. And trust me this polish is super sparkly no matter what lighting you're under.

     Normally I'm not a huge fan of orange nail polish but when they lean copper like this I absolutely love them! Especially as a pedicure color.  Ever since I had my first pedi with OPI's Down to my Last Penny I've been hooked. Maybe it's the way the color goes with my skin tone or maybe I just think it's fun to have coppery orange toes. I'm not really sure but whatever the reason this type of color makes me happy. What is your happy go to shade of polish? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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