Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pastel Watermarble with Sinful Colors

    You might remember awhile back I shared with you the Sinful Colors Get Bright Back to School Collection. 6 pastel neon shades that dried to a demi-matte finish but had only so so formulas. While I'm a fan of the colors in this collection I'm not a fan of the application issues I had but didn't want the collection to just sit in my helmers unloved. That's where today's post comes in. I've had success in the past getting Sinful polishes to watermarble and wanted to know if this collection would as well and guess what, they do!

     Now If you'll remember from my last post I wore these without undies, and they were still pretty vibrant for neons. Well as vibrant as a pastel shade can be I guess. Well, I did the same thing with my water marble, I simply put down a base coat and marbled directly over it.

      As you can see I have a few bald patches but I think that was caused by the extreme heat we had here at the time and no AC in my home. The warms temps made the polish slow to spread and it dried very quickly thanks to the matte finish so my pattern broke up a bit as I was creating it. 

     I topped everything off with my Pure Ice Matte top coat because it dries the closest to a demi-matte out of all the matte top coats I own. What do you think of the finished look?

     I really like how these colors flow together and I'm sure I will use them for a watermarble again, especially now that I've installed central air in the house so the temperature shouldn't be a problem. I used to do watermarbles all the time but got away from it because I could never make those patterns that everyone does.

     I've discovered thanks to watching a ton of youtube videos that the bowl I use for watermarbling is much larger than what other people are using. This might be why I have such a hard time making consistent patterns. The outer rings are completely dry before I even get to them and the center is too big to make that nice flower center. Now I just need to find a better container to use. If you watermarble what type of container do you use? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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